Maple and Motor

So, we walk up to the door.  There’s a sign printed on a piece of paper that says to order before you sit down and claim a table appropriate to the size of your group.  OK, Dad.  I guess that’s what we’ll do.  I order a burger, the way it comes, tater tots and a Bud.  “No” the guys says and shakes his head at me.  “No Anheuser Busch products.” Alright then, what do you have, jerk?  The guy has pissed me off.  He points at a chalk board on the other wall.  Again, I think he’s a jerk. 

In fact, the whole vibe of this place is pretty rude.  The paper sign is unfriendly.  The guy shaking his head at me and telling me what I can’t have is even more rude.  Suddenly, it doesn’t matter if the burger is good or not.  It’s funny that he bothered to ask if we were OK with a burger that was a little pink in the middle because it certainly wasn’t.  This may be the only place on that side of town with a decent burger, but I hate places like this.  I don’t spend $25 on beers, tater tots and burgers to have some self-important fool that works in a burger joint hand me a side of attitude. 

The burger…  it was OK.  Started falling apart before I could finish it.  The tater tots were really good.  We should have split an order.  There were a lot of tots.  Nice and crispy.  Too bad that was the only thing that was nice.  Hub said that he liked the beer glasses.

I’m sure I’ve made my point.  There are a lot of good burger joints in Dallas.  I don’t need this.  I can’t stand a place that acts like they’re doing you a favor to be open.  It’s like being married to an old bastard.  Sure, you’re married.  But, I bet it isn’t any fun.

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  1. Exactly why I only went once. I asked for my burger less then well done. The guy was a complete jerk when he told me they didn’t do that. I respect their right to cook their burgers any way they want. I don’t need a side of bad attitude to go along with. There was a thread about this on EATS blog a while back. Jack from Maple and Motor exhibited a lot of that same attitude.

  2. Maybe that’s just their way of life. But, I happen to like the idea of appreciating customers, as opposed to treating them like they’re getting on your nerves for just walking in the door. Hope things keep working out for them. Some people like places like that. Look at Dick’s Last Resort. I just don’t happen to be one of those people. Besides, I can make a burger just as good at the house, probably better and I KNOW you can!

  3. Thanks for the review. I have always felt that service was one of the most important parts of dining out. I am an excellent cook and am willing to attempt almost anything. When I dine out, it’s because I want the pleasure of that experience. I can forgive an off night in food much quicker than rude service.

    I’ll stick to Jake’s for the basic burger. Maybe it’s not at the top of the “best” list, but it’s always good and always fresh and they are the nicest people in the world (and it’s right next to my house).

  4. I also would have gone back if the burger was stellar. I did go very soon after they opened but my burger suffered from way too much lettuce and tomato.

    The attitude at Twisted Root doesnt bother me though. I think its because the attitude is just part of their shtick and the people are actually friendly.

  5. Margie, you need to learn to speak your mind. Ha!
    I agree with Margie. I won’t even go into the rudeness that I witnessed the time I went without Marge. The food is fine, good ingredients, but I won’t darken their door again.

  6. interesting…service has always been great when i’ve gone, and they cook tator tots supremely well!!

  7. I usually just lurk (BTW, love the blog!), but I couldn’t help but comment here. I think you let yourself get bent out of shape with the sign and let it get worse from there. Having been to places (notably the new Fuzzys on Mockingbird), it is SO annoying when people save seats before they even order.

    If a place isn’t busy, it’s not a big deal when folks go ahead and sit down, but when M&M gets packed at lunch, it is just a much better experience when I’m not standing around with my burger while the girl who just walked in is saving a table for her four friends still in line.

  8. I don’t mind the seating thing. It’s the way they approach it. Why not at least be friendly about telling people what to do? It’s pretty small. I’m sure it does get packed. Not trying to be courteous is what got on my nerves. I haven’t tried the new Fuzzy’s. It definitely looks busy so far!
    Slade, you drink Miller Lite.
    Kevin, you’re right. The people are basically friendly at Twisted Root. I still don’t like that schtick. I get annoyed pretty easily, is what it boils down to. I hate to pay for someone to piss me off.

  9. I always appreciate your writing, Margie. I interviewed the owner of Maple Motor this weekend and hopefully have some insight into ‘tude and various other topics that surround the burger haunt.

  10. So I read the first sentence. It talks about the sign on the door. I immediately don’t care for the writer of the article. Then I read the acerbic prose. There is nothing she can do to get me back. The prose is decent – no real grammatical errors to point out, but there is no wit, style or reason to want to read any more other than the fact that I own the restaurant.

    There are a lot of good blogs about food. I don’t need this. When I sit down to read about food, I don’t want bitterness. It is unlikely that I’ll ever visit this blog again.

  11. I absolutely love Maple and Motor! I also understand why the owner has the sign on the door………it is small and there is no room for error. If it was larger, the burgers, tots and beverages would cost more. If someone serves me an attitude, I usually serve it right back. Maybe you might want to stop wearing your feelings on your shoulder……It is a delicious burger joint, for gawd sake, not the French Room!

  12. Just goes to show the ‘self importance’ some of you place on things. The food is great; the staff is personable. If you noticed how busy that place was constantly, you’d see why you weren’t coddled. If you want that, go to Gerber’s!

  13. Just the fact that you wanted a Bud tells me about your taste. Maybe YOU just went in with an attitude, the staff has always been friendly when I’ve been there – no attitude from them.

  14. Slade drinks Miller Lite!? Becca didn’t tell me that!! Oh the shame, the shame.

  15. i so appreciate that this place culls the sweet from the sours. i have noticed that jack definitely doesn’t suffer fools and i would be happy to have all who are left dining here supping at my home table. it’s a really great crowd and it’s so much fun when you act your age.

  16. i so appreciate that the management in this place culls the sweet from the sour. i have noticed that jack definitely doesn’t suffer fools and it makes for a congenial place. i would be happy to have all who are left to dine here supping at my home table. it’s a really great crowd and so much fun when you act your age.

  17. Kevin – i also drink the vinegar (aka DogFish) at Eno’s…i’ll tell you that story sometime…

  18. Was that the infamous Peche? That seemed to elicit strong reactions from everybody. I actually kinda liked it.

  19. Kevin – yes, i believe it was…i liked it a lot…

  20. Good for you Margie, some people have no idea what good service is and I feel sorry for them. I can’t belive some of the comments here, it is an opinon thing and like assholes everyone has one. And last I checked it is a free country so you can say what you want :)

  21. Visited there with anticipation but had our hopes dashed. Our experience largely mirrored yours, Margie, and we will not return. Way too many better burgers around … and without the ‘tude to go with them.

  22. The first time that I went to Maple and Motor, there was a young guy at the next table that obviously knew the owner, and after the meal, the owner came over to their table. The young man had an older man, probably in his late 60s or 70s, with him, and I heard him introduce the older man to the owner and tell him that the older man was a retired chef. The owner asked him how he liked his burger, and the older man said, “It was good, but I think next time I’d like to get it a little juicier.”
    Here is what the owner said: “Well, if you want it cooked differently, you’ll have to go somewhere else, because we only cook them one way.” Now, I’m ad-libbing here, because I didn’t record them, but I heard what they said. And I knew the schtick before I got there: our way or the highway. Yet I still thought it was the most astoundingly uncustomer friendly thing that I have ever heard in a restaurant, and I’ve worked in plenty and been to plenty.
    Every restaurant that I’ve ever worked in had the same motto: the customer is always right. How basic is that? Think how ridiculous the idea is of a steak place that only cooks steaks one way. As Margie stated above, the guy at the counter asked us on our recent visit if we were “ok with the burger being a little pink”. And although I didn’t say anything, I thought, “What do you care?” Because what’s the answer if I don’t like it? Is it just another set-up so he can say, “Hit the bricks, pal.”?
    That said, I liked the food. But there are plenty of good places to eat a burger in Dallas.
    And honestly, I told my wife that we shouldn’t go. I knew that it would piss her off. But she wanted to go.

  23. @HUBBARD Since you are ad-libbing, let me tell you how the conversation went, because I remember it well, and the participants and I have rehashed it several times since then. They are regulars as you were correct in surmising.

    What Edward said was, the burger was great, but I like it medium rare. What I said, and I will repeat it now, was, “If you want it medium rare, you’ll have to go somewhere else for it.

    We cook our burgers TWO ways – pink or not pink. (Margie, if you didn’t get your burger as described, you should have sent it back. I’ve sent food back at some of my favorite restaurants for being over or undercooked. The way that is handled is truly the way to judge a restaurant). They are always juicy and delicious. That’s why Margie’s bun fell apart.

    We do things a certain way here. We are catering to a particular clientele. We make a lot of people happy. If you are not happy with the way we do things, we respect your desire to go somewhere else.

    It is ridiculous to say that the customer is always right. They are not. In fact sometimes they are dead wrong. The best way to describe that philosophy is, “Always pretend the customer is always right.” I’m not as comfortable faking it as others are. Great service is based on dialog, not demand. I talk to my customers as often as anyone in Dallas. We blow most of our customers away.

    If we make a mistake, we fix it immediately. If it is a disagreement based on philosophy, it will remain that.

    • I’m just curious to know if you’d enjoy paying to be treated like an imposition. There is a term you may not have ever heard of, it is “customer service”. You may be so wealthy from your amazingly unfriendly establishment that you don’t mind spending your ill gotten gain at a place that really isn’t interested in your satisfaction. The problem is, I’m not sure there are any other establishments with such rude management in the city of Dallas. I must also say that although I’ve never been personally victimized by you I sincerely doubt I would ever be that hungry.

    • Do you understand how stupid it makes you look when you say, “Great customer service is based on dialogue” and then go on to have extremely disrespectful dialogue with everyone who gets in a negative comment about your place? I think you need to visit “Your Mom’s Burgers” in Austin. They achieve what you are so desperately failing at. Just enough sass to be fun, but stops way short of downright belittling people on the internet. I can honestly say than when I read that your business has failed, I will actually LOL.

  24. It’s not philosphy. It’s rudeness.

  25. Margie, I disagree. Since I am a customer of this blog, I must be right.

  26. You are a customer of this blog? I thought you said, I’d “never get you back”. I never asked for you to be here. I just don’t like your place. You can agree or disagree.

  27. You never paid me a dime.

  28. Res ipsa loquitur!

  29. I don’t have customers. Sorry.

  30. I have lots. Apology accepted.

  31. Get off the sidelines sister. Cobble together the money and open up your own place. Since you understand food and service so much better than I do, think of how successful you’d be.

  32. What part of that did you not understand?

  33. I think you’re proving my point. Keep it up.

  34. I don’t think that many people read this blog.

  35. Point proved. Hey Jack. Is your name really Richard? For sure I will never “darken your [dickass sign] door” again. Take a seat. Wait … you can have mine.

  36. “It is ridiculous to say that the customer is always right. They are not.”
    -Jack Perkins
    Owner, “Maple and Motor”

  37. @unclekrud – Yes, I have put my actual real name here with my comments. I would never thinking about hiding behind another.

    @Hubbard – Yes, you have cut and pasted correctly.

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  39. Margie:

    You are absolutely right and you’re not alone. Check out these reviews on yelp and urbanspoon and read how Jack treats his customers. This guy makes Havery Goff look like a saint.—burgers-and-beer-dallas?rpp=40&sort_by=rating_asc

    sort urbanspoon by relevance by “negative.

    Here’s a nice little email he sent me b/c of my review:

    Come by and introduce yourself to me you coward.

    If you ordered a medium rare burger at my counter, one of my employees would have told you that we don’t take temperatures.

    You are lying and you know it. If you want to talk about it, come see me. You know where I am. As a man, I would certainly come see you if the roles were reversed.

    I’m telling you plainly that we do not take temperatures. We serve them two ways. Pink in the middle or well done if you specify it that way. As a man, if I received a burger that was not to my liking, I would have taken care of it right away. These sites have uncovered an entire subculture of cowards like yourself.

    I am also telling you that you are a liar. Neither I nor any of my employees would fail to tell you how we cook our burgers. None of my employees would ever say “they”, nor question my reason for doing anything. They all know the reasons.

    I’m not asking you to come back here and eat. I don’t want you here to eat.

    We don’t want anyone like you in here. We have plenty of customers. You might have noticed the line out the door and all the seats filled.

    What you posted was not a review. You know nothing about food.

    Today we will serve 350-400 people at lunch. We have done this every Friday for the last four months. Do you know what the cool part is? At least 100 of those people will notice that I got a haircut yesterday.

    I don’t know who you are (because you are a coward), but I do know you know nothing about this business. You clearly also know nothing about me. If and when my restaurant does close, I will do the same thing I was doing before. I was wealthy then. I am wealthy now. Since I paid cash to build this restaurant and have no liabilities connected with it, I assume I will still be wealthy enough to avoid working fast food with you.

    I am a man above you. No matter what your reply, deep in your soul you understand that. Have the last word knowing that when I read it, people will ask me why I’m laughing.

    Jack at Maple and Motor

  40. @ Jack – So I heard about this hilarious exchange between a foodie and a stuck up owner (on a message board that’s totally unrelated to food), and it definitely lived up to the hype.

    Good food or no, attitudes like yours are responsible for so much of the bullshit and bad vibes in the industry – it’s never good to have an adversarial relationship with your customer base.

  41. I live next to Maple and Motor

    Went there once, got attitude as well, never went back. They got better burgers and tots at Sonic anyway.

    Your blog is getting spread around the web nicely because of this review. Well played.

  42. Hubbard you crack me up. This whole thing is amusing. Mr. Perkins if Margie opened her own restaurant it would kick major ass because the girl can cook, has some serious cooking chops and apparently a very good understanding of Customer Service! Ohh and she can do a whole lot more than burgers!

  43. @Jack L – All I can say is… I really can’t think of anything to say. I’m stunned.

  44. Good gawd people, let it go! Obviously there are those that wear their feelings on their sleeve, and those that could give a rats patootie what kind of “attitude” another person has to serve up. God made us all different for a reason. This, is one of those reasons! Why continue to bash a burger joint and its owner? There are so many other, more important things to consume your time with! Let it go…….

  45. Wow

    @Jack Perkins you are not doing your restaurant any favors by opening your mouth to criticize a review, especially one that is gaining momentum because of your comments – I would suggest you let it go as @dallas asked, but I think that your ego will not let you.

    I agree that the customer is not always right, but they do have the right to choose an alternate venue where service is still given.

    @Jack L – I consider emails and post sent to me personally as privileged unless I have the authors permission to reprint or recreate the content in a post. I personally find it in poor taste for you to include it in this post, but that’s just me.

    @Margie – your post was emailed to me by a mutual friend that knows my love of food – I can understand how @Jack Perkins initially found your post a bit off putting – maybe it’s your style – regardless, the shear number of comments is definitely a vindication that you are striking a nerve in your readership and beyond.

    Thanks for letting us know about M&M – I am not an advocate of any burger joint, unless I know they grind their own beef – I was in the process of buying a butcher shop a short time back, and after seeing what meat packers use in their ground, I now grind my own, go to an organic producer in Corsicana or local butcher I trust. That being said @Jack Perkins comments have convinced me not to visit M&M regardless of the beef used.

    @Dallas – although I agree with what you are saying – I am one of those that has to rubber neck when passing a wreck – I think we are seeing a fairly large accident in the making – I anxiously await the next volley…

  46. Wow Margie-good for you! I’m sick of bad attitude and after many years in customer service, I can say that it’s absolutely ludicrous for a restaurant owner to respond as this one has. There are just too many choices out there!

  47. Margie…This guy is a jerk and a self righteous idiot that thinks he’s better than everyone else. (It’s easy to spot them)
    Unfportunatly I do have to agree with Jack on one point. The customer is not always right. With that being said, at the very least the owner should at least to try and pretend that they are. I will never eat there and will spread the word. Its a train wreck Jack.

  48. Been to M&M half a dozen times. I’ve never had them “part the seas” for me, but then again, the sign about “order then sit down” doesn’t bother me at all.
    That being said, I find the sarcasm from Jack absolutely high larry US!

    Great burgers there. :-)
    I’ll be back soon.

  49. this is definitely better than anything i am watching on TV…i’m hungry now…hmmmmm

  50. oh and from the City of Ate 3rd part of the series…my favorite comment…LMAO

    carrots are great says:
    I wantedto come on here and say something wildly smartassed and snarky…
    But, The Big Guy took the cake. It’s all been said…
    Fuck, I guess I’ll go harass Leslie Brenner…

  51. It’s only the 2nd part. There’s more tomorrow. I know what you mean, though. That was kind of funny.

  52. HaHaHaHa is this Perkins dude for real? maybe I am just not getting the joke. NO SOUP FOR YOU!!!!

  53. Jack,
    I live around the corner from M&M and happen to work with Margie. Having eaten at the restaurant as well (more than 5 times), I’d say you’re both pretty curmudgeonly.

    What disappoints me here is your response. You say that folks can send back their food and you address it. Why not invite Margie back to make amends, then?

    I guess business is good now, but why alienate any customers? Maybe you’re shitting money and have good will to burn, and that’s cool.

    But, as someone whose been to Maple and Motor more than once, and responded in defense of M&M on Margie’s Facebook, I’m pretty turned off by your response and I don’t know if I’ll be back.

    At Adairs, the burgers are better, the fries are better, the beer is cheaper and the people are nicer. Oh, and, they are open until 9pm!

  54. Adairs is open PAST 9pm, I mean to say.

  55. please pack up your knives and go.

  56. DarnellErwinFletcher

    I went to M&M once, i thought it was totally decent. I didn’t mind the order before you sit mantra, fair for a place of that size. The only part less than stellar was a comment by the owner who noticed I had taken my tomatoes off my burger and asked that next time I just ask them to leave off the tomatoes as they are (or were at the time) expensive. Before I had an opportunity to explain that I had only removed the tomatoes because they weren’t ripe he was gone. Sounds like this wasn’t an isolated incident, surprised he isn’t viewing this blog (and maybe he is) and asking himself some tough questions about his brand of customer service.

  57. i don’t know Jack, but I’ve been there a few times and LOVE it. now I think Jack is AWESOME. more awesome than Chuck Norris.

  58. Just found your blog and WOW! We agree on Maple & Motor.
    Food is average, attitude is way too high for a burger joint. I will say the location has been packed since all the positive press, but my one visit will be the only visit……

  59. I’ve heard about all I care to hear about, Jack the jerk. He owns a freakin little hamburger stand and thinks he’s the “hamburger Nazi”.

  60. john paul plemons

    Ok- My family and I were in Dallas yesterday for the boat show, and we went to Maple and Motor for the 1st time. We loved it. The owner visited with our kids, asked them what they wanted and how they wanted it, took great care of us, the food was excellent, blah blah blah. We liked the food, the staff, the place. The kids were NUTS over the food. We’ll sure be back. I think you may have imagined all the bad attitude. We saw none of it.

  61. Maple & Motor is a joke…the food is NOT great. The owner is the biggest joke of all. He thinks he can be a rude as&hole and people have to take it. He thinks because he has some customers now that it will be that way forever. Better people & better establishments have closed…

  62. You people don’t get it. Jack is the owner and he can do whatever he wants with HIS establishment. If you don’t like it, GO SOMEWHERE ELSE! You don’t like the way he treats you? He doesn’t like your kind of customer. It’s that simple. He is serving the kind of food he wants to serve the way he thinks is best. Why ask people to change their recipes just to suit you? Just find a place that serves the food the way you like it and treats you the way you like it. Jack will serve the food the way I like it and treat me the way I want to be treated. Don’t go to a Hooter’s looking for Sunday bible school…….hey wait…..there’s an idea.

  63. It is customary to let people know how you like your hamburger prepared. It’s not like people are asking him to change his recipe to suit them. There is a reason that Burger King spent millions of dollars on their slogan, “Have It Your Way”. No, I’m not comparing Maple & Motor type places to a chain restaurant…I’m simply making the point that MOST companies TRY to cater to their CUSTOMERS. Those who don’t aren’t in business long.

    It’s more than Jack’s desire to prepare burgers HIS way, it’s his unprofessional and rude behavior that is completely unacceptable. His burger ISN’T that good…it’s just a fair burger, but not on the level of The Grape, Wingfield’s, Houston’s, etc.

  64. So, let me get this straight, you immediately lable the guy at the counter a jerk because he said they dont serve AB products? And then again because he points to the menu of available drinks for you to look at? Were you on your period that day? The paper sign is not unfriendly, it is simply there because there are people in this world who will go to a small place and hold a table for their friends, who may or may not be there, thus leaving the people in line not having a place to sit and eat. Is this rude? On the behalf of the table poachers YES….If a person telling you that you cant have a Bud with your meal simply because they dont carry the product suddenly makes you not want to eat there, maybe you should look into some sort of alcohol rehab, because clearly the issue of not having the alcoholic beverage of your choice was more important than the food. Do you get pissy at Taco Bell because they offer Pepsi instead of Coke? Or is it just the booze? Because if you could have gotten past that and opened your mind to other drink possibilities (the Jolly Rancher Tea is awesome) you would have found this to be the best burger in Dallas. The grilled cheese is beyond awesome too as my 5 year old daughter says, she is also a big fan of the famous child hater Jack. As a matter of fact, she is the one who prompts us to come, whenever we ask the kids where to eat, she yells “Jack’s” Is it because the food is great, yes, partly. Or maybe it is the way he scoops her up for a hug everytime she walks in the door, which is about once a month now. I am so sorry that your alcohol problem colored your view of this place from the second you walked in. Maybe if you hadn’t been so closed minded and attitude-ish yourself, the ensuing nastiness would not have followed.

  65. Thank goodness for your review. I thought his rudness to me and my friends (one disabled) was my imagination yesterday. It reminded me of The Soup Nazi from Seinfield. When we were leaving he said for us to come back. I told my friends that I would not be coming back. He overheard me and chased us to the parking lot and said we would not be missed. What a self-absorbed boob. I actually laughed all the way home thinking how self improtant he must be to chase me out to the parking lot to tell me off. Will remain a Hunky’s customer form now on.

  66. I am glad Jack keeps you and your readers out of his restaurant. He is doing his regulars a favor and it is one of the many reasons I will continue to be loyal to Maple & Motor.

    • And likewise, keeps you out of the other establishments where decent people like to go and be treated well. It doesn’t take a lot. You and Jack are what is wrong with America.

  67. Wow. Almost went there last Friday. Sort of intrigued by the whole “attitude” thing going on here. Guy (Jack) actually sounds like a jerk. I really liked the lady who slammed the review and referred to the author as a raging drunk. This is waaay better than whats on TV now. No burger is worth some a-hole telling you what you can and cant have. Enjoy your restaurant! Looks lik I’ll stick with Adairs or Angry Dog this weekend.

  68. This particular post has been an interesting journey, for sure!

  69. RickLovesBurgers

    I think the OP and some of the haters went to a burger joint expecting a fine dining experience…..I have been to the M&M several times now, both lunch and dinner and have been supremely pleased every time. I have never had a problem with the staff or the owner. Again, it is a BURGER JOINT, if you are having a difficult time ordering off of a menu that might have a dozen items total including sides then maybe you went to the wrong place. And to the people complaining about them not wanting to under-cook their burger – I can certainly understand being a little upset if you ask for “pink” and get well done, because when that happens to my steaks I die a little inside. However, I don’t think it’s fair to expect every burger joint to take the risk of getting someone sick over an undercooked/raw burger. In general, if a place has signs posting their available options/menu items/etc – its a little pretentious to assume that they are going to make an exception for you. Its their place, not yours. Same thing with the beer. Honestly, the place is small, its not like the giant super-chains with a bar the size of my house where they have millions of beer on tap and a walk-in with as many bottled beers. The M&M “bar” sits RIGHT next to the counter where you order. If you can’t strain your neck for five seconds to look over slightly to the right and quickly identify the taps then sorry. Speaking of signs….yeah, try going to the M&M during lunch and have someone snipe a table as soon as they get there when you have been waiting for 15-20 minutes. Not cool. The employees are busy making sure everyone gets their order in and delivered in a timely manner so I actually appreciate the fact that they posted the sign to try and prevent people from causing problems.
    As for the food itself – I think the meat is just greasy enough to give it that slightly salty/seasoned flavor and its the perfect size, and we (my wife and I) love the crispy bun insides that keep it from getting immediately too soggy. The fries are great and so are the tots, but the burger is the highlight to me.
    Bottom line – if you are reading this posting and the replies and wondering if you should pass up this amazing joint – DON’T! Be smart, don’t go during peak hours (lunchtime during the week, nighttime varies) if you want a guaranteed seat and the best possible food. And for the love of God, don’t go in there with a chip already on your shoulder and the expectation that everyone who ever opened a restaurant did so with YOU in mind. If you do that you won’t regret it.

  70. RickLovesBurgers

    OH, and I almost forgot – any place that servers Dublin Dr.Pepper “on tap” immediately gets cool points in my book!

  71. as an out-of-towner, I went today with a Dallasite. If I want rudeness with my meal, I can stay home and talk with my children. I truly don’t mind a little “sass” but these owners are simply unpleasant. And after ordering medium rare….good golly was I STUPID because I did not order it pink. duh? And the precious owner got the entire order wrong. guess she got so caught up in correcting a stupid customer……
    The owners say they do not want the likes of people who do not approve of them to come in. OK. Done

  72. @ Jack Perkins : Wow, your attitude is disgusting. I will never spend a dime there and hopefully many will follow after seeing the filth you wrote. Oh, and heard you are building a new place across from Parkland where Rusty Taco will be….bad decision on your part as Rusty will have all the customers. Go find a new hobby as working with the public isn’t your thing. Loser!

  73. I love Maple and Motor and reading this has made me love Jack Perkins even more!

  74. This guy constantly berates customers on his FB page. I have consequently been banned for calling out this ridiculous practice. Something as mundane as “putting tabasco on the burger” deserves his ire. If you give this guy a single penny, irrespective of how good his product is, you are simply reinforcing this terrible behavior. I intend to treat him like a 2 year old and put him in permanent time out.

  75. I couldn’t be more on board with you. But how do you make it stop. It goes without saying that I will not be back in that place. How is it OK with anyone in their right mind to allow people to be treated so badly. It’s like the kids in shool who allow the mean people to beat up on everyone. Their attitude is, as long as it isnt me it’s funny. How would you feel if he treated your family that way? Ok, maybe you don’t care about yourself, but there has to be someone in your life that you would want to protect from this burger-nazi behavior. I swear Dallas, Texas is the only place I know that takes a crappy attitude and turns it into trendy. In most parts of this country people believe in great customer service.

  76. After reading this, I’ll be going there today to buy a burger and a pop. I’ll have to pass on the beer due to being in uniform! This place has what many small joints lack. Personality. In your face pure unbridled personality. After reading almost 100 reviews on Yelp, and then this blog from start to finish, I’ve learned one thing. Jack has got the right idea when it comes to delivering good food and a memorable experience. You “adults” need to drop the sense of entitlement when it comes to dining. Jack is completely right, as the customer is not always right. If your order is messed up, that’s one thing, but don’t try to rework his business philosophy.

    • Jack is on crack. Until one has personally experienced his erratic, senseless behaviour being directed at you, there would be no reason for you to stay away. But if you truly are a regular at M&M, you must have seen a Jack-Attack at some point. He says he is RICH…what a classy guy. He actually married in to RICH and he has admitted in the past that he married WAY up….no kidding, Jack, that would not be hard for you to do. Funny thing, I haven’t written anything about the food. Don’t remember much about it after being told to leave on my first visit. And that was before I was able to make it inside the door. My fault for reaching for the door handle and not knowing that Jack, not the customer, is the one who opens the door.
      “Nausea” is the best rating I can give to this crack house. I hope you lighten up soon, Jack. Grab a Montana brochure…..enjoy life….take some time off and count your money and your blessings.

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