I have to say that our turkey was not lovely to behold.   First of all, we stripped it of all it’s dignity by perching it on a verticle roaster.

We didn’t bother to pose it cutely or anything.  I should have taken a picture of it sitting around in the kitchen, waiting for the rest of the meal to be served.  But, buy the time I thought of it again, it looked like this!

It only took an hour and a half to cook on the Big Green Egg.  Hubbard smoked it over apple wood.  Fantastic flavor and so juicy it was almost dripping!  I’m thinking some turkey gumbo might be in our future.  We only cooked an 11 pound bird and we still have tons of leftovers.  Ours might not have been the prettiest turkey on the block, but it sure was good!


One response to “Turkey

  1. I’m new to this blogging thing… can you send me a recipe for Pumpkin Loaf and Mushroom Cream Sauce for Gr. Beans? Thanks!


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