Reclaiming the Fridge

Ever since the Thanksgiving leftovers were jammed into the fridge, I’ve had this undeniable desire to get rid of them.  Leftovers are good for a day or two.  But, I can’t stand eating the same stuff over and over and opening the fridge to find it overflowing with the same stuff day after day.  Today, I started on reclaiming the fridge.  I’m making turkey gumbo with the addition of the sausages and ham that Hubbard threw on the grill after the turkey was done.  This definitely consolidates some big containers into one pot.

Now, I’m looking all those side dishes.  First of all, that cranberry sauce is deep six.  I ate it at the meal and that’s all I want.  The rest…  I’m not really sure.  Can you make a soup out of mashed poatoes and green chile cream gravy?  I’ve got this rice dish full of cheese and spinach.  What can I do with that?  I have a feeling that stuffing is going the way of the cranberry sauce.  What’s the point in freezing it?  I don’t eat stuffing during the year.

I guess that’s the problem with Thanksgiving for me.  It’s a great meal full of foods I don’t really crave.  So, it’s kind of like having a fridge full of Indian food.  The meal  might be fantastic.  But, I really don’t want it day after day.  Some say it’s all about the turkey, some say the side dishes.  I think it’s all about the preparation and the good company and a Cowboy game after.  Anybody wants some green bean casserole?


6 responses to “Reclaiming the Fridge

  1. Make gnocchi from the mashed potatoes!!!


  2. I made a Shepherd’s Pie with the potatoes. I can see the back of my refrigerator again!


  3. I’m with you, Margie. On holidays, I skip taking home any leftovers. I start with a clean slate.

    On the day after Thanksgiving I go our for a big plate of Mexican food. It’s become tradition.


  4. Margie, we have some lovely peppered ham we obtained from Opa’s Smoked Meats in Fredericksburg. We can breakfast on the leftovers for the entire week! The other leftovers will need to be used soon or thrown out so that we too can see the back of our refrigerator.


  5. No but I will take that gravy off your hands!


  6. Use those left-over cranberries to make cranberry muffins, or a cranberry cake! Yum!


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