There is a small group of foodheads at work and we all like to trade emails about where we’ve been recently and the new things we’ve tried.  Dixon was talking about Maple and Motor, which he liked (especially the cheap beer).  He mentioned that the burgers were good, but not as good as Adair’s or Angry Dog.  Immediately, I was obsessed with going to Adair’s.  This was another hot spot for Hubbard and me when we first started dating.  I remembered thinking that the burgers were as good as my dad might make on the grill out back.  Thick and juicy.  Hub and I stopped in for lunch the day after Thanksgiving.

Yep, that’s a damn good burger.

As you might imagine, it’s a little hard to control.  I didn’t even get the big slab of onion that comes with it and I still couldn’t hardly fit it in my mouth.  Thick and juicy, just like I remembered.  So much so, that they might ought to consider using a more substantial bun.  I get the feeling that they’re not changing anything around here, though.  I had forgotten out the big jalapeno on top, which was mild enough to be edible, I might add.  Very good burger.  I don’t know how much it cost, though, because no one ever offered us a menu.  We just asked if they were serving lunch and he said, “Yes, what do you want?”.  He was a friendly guy and we definitely enjoyed our burgers.

The fries were a little odd.  I don’t usually go for these big thick fries.  But, if you dip these in Ranch dressing, the inside seems like mashed potatoes.  They were strangely addicting.

We’ll be going back to Adair’s soon, I believe.  We each had a beer and Hubbard had a “weak” bourbon and coke.  Two burgers and an order of fries ended up costing us around $25 total.  So, whatever the burger’s cost, it’s not too high.


3 responses to “Adair’s

  1. They do have some seriously good burgers there. I want to try Maple and Motor and I’ve also been wanting to go to the Grape and Wingfields. If you get up to Plano, you should definitely try Kelly’s Eastside for a burger.


  2. looks good to me…


  3. I’ll take two for the road, please! Yum!


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