Avanti Ristorante on McKinney Ave

When Hubbard and I first started dating, he took me to Avanti.  I had my first Caesar salad at Avanti.  Recently he took me there for lunch, as I hadn’t been there for years.  We started with the Stuffed Mushrooms Florentine.  Pretty good for stuffed mushroom caps.  They were topped with bechemel and marina.  Yes, there really were mushrooms underneath.  You just can’t see them.  We shared this dish.

Next, I had a Caesar Salad and Hubbard had the clam chowder.  He said the chowder was fantastic.  The salad was good, except the little frico cracker with the black sesame seeds was prettier than it was good.  It was a little stale.  A cute garnish, though.

We both wanted to order the veal, but we were there very late in the lunch service and they were out.  I chose the Chicken Rollitini instead.  This was very good and a super generous portion.  The chicken is filled with wild rice, spinach, mushrooms, almonds and mozzarella.  It is topped with a Marsala wine sauce.  I’m a sucker for Marsala sauce.  This dish was larger than I could finish, but I was happy to take it home.

Hubbard had the Lobster and Crab ravioli.  He wasn’t as impressed with this dish as he was his chowder.  He said that the seafood was not very noticeable in the filling.  He did eat every bite, though!  We finished with a creme brulee.  This one was a little different than usual.  It was served in a crust with raspberries at the bottom of the creme, a very nice touch.  The service was excellent. 

Avanti is open very late until 3:00 a.m. on Friday and Saturday nights.  So, keep it in mind for a late night dining spot.  They even serve breakfast items after midnight.  I’d be interested in trying their breakfast, if I could stay up past midnight!


3 responses to “Avanti Ristorante on McKinney Ave

  1. Glad to hear it is still so good…used to go there late late all the time…might have to drop by again some time soon…


  2. Looks delish Margie!


  3. Oh, I loved the 2AM meals at Avanti. It’s so nice to have good quality options at that time of the night (morning).


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