Mulled red wine that is served warm.  Very Christmas-y.  As you can see, we drank it all!  Our friend, Cornelia, likes to serve hers with a little vodka splashed into the cup.  There’s a German word for that…  mit schuss.  I think it basically means “with a shot”.  Now, that’s really good.


4 responses to “Gluhwein

  1. Tell me. Do you like it better on its own or with the added shot of vodka?


  2. how can anything mit schuss not be good!?!?!


  3. Where did you find this? Last year I saw some at CM but as of last night I could not find it there, World Market, or Sigel’s…. any advice would be much appreciated.


  4. Hubbard got ours at the Lake View Liquor store on Garland. Actually, he bought it a while back but we just found it in the liquor cabinet.


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