Cheeseburger with Fresh Bacon and Homemade Mustard

Bacon = sliced pork belly.  I seasoned it and fried it.  Then cut it into smaller pieces to top our burgers.

Hub threw the burgers on the grill.  Our burger meat had Cajun seasoning, Louisiana hot sauce and Dale’s steak seasoning mixed in.  Then, a little bit of Dale’s on top.  Might sound like overkill on the spices, but we like our burgers to be very flavorful.  I also make little finger indentations in our burgers to keep them laying flat and not getting too ball shaped on the grill.

Hubbard uses welding gloves when he works on the grill.  He got them at Home Depot and they pretty much insure that you aren’t getting burned.

The burgers look ready to me.  Hubbard will add cheese before he brings them inside.

While the burgers rest, Hub heats the buns on the grill.  Today, we’ve got mayo on one side, homemade mustard on the other.  Sliced tomatoes and bacon with chopped onion.  Oh, yeah.  That’s an incredibly juicy and flavorful burger.


4 responses to “Cheeseburger with Fresh Bacon and Homemade Mustard

  1. I could handle eating one of your burgers. Dang! I love that fresh from the grill taste!


  2. i think anything with bacon and mayo can not possibly be bad… 🙂


  3. I bet the finger indentations help the burgers from getting stuck to the grill.


  4. My mouth is watering! Merry Christmas Margie!


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