Campania Pizza vs The North Pole

I have loved Campania Pizza in Uptown ever since it opened.  I hesitate to go there in the wintertime, though, because it’s cold.  It’s a small place.  It has two front doors that open onto a dining area that’s about as big as a good sized living room.  In the winter, the whole place cools down every time someone opens one of those doors.  It’s never really warm inside.

Hubbard and I were in the middle of a fantastic pizza when someone decided that it was a good idea to prop the front door open while they brought in a delivery of supplies, ingredients, etc.  Literally, propped the door open as he made probably 7 or 8 trips to his vehicle, back inside and into the back room to drop off whatever he brought in.  It was 37 degrees outside.  It quickly became 37 degrees inside.  The pizza was instantly cold and I was pissed. 

Please.  How stupid is that?  Would you leave your living room door wide open when it was 37 degrees outside and people were eating?  I was completely shocked.  And freezing.  I didn’t even take my coat off when we came in because it was so cold.  After the door being open for about 10 minutes I was literally shivering.  Hell, if I wanted to freeze throughout my meal, I would have taken a table on the patio!

Maybe I’ll see them again when it warms up.  

Maybe not.


4 responses to “Campania Pizza vs The North Pole

  1. You have just hit on one of my pet peeves. I do not wish to sit next to any kind of door inside of a restaurant. Like Campania, there are many places that are so small that no matter where you sit you are in harm’s way.


  2. you need to try Grimaldi’s in the West Village…went last night and had a large meatball, mushroom, fresh basil, and fresh mozzarella pizza…..mmmmm yummm everytime i go…and carafes of wine are only 15.00


  3. Wow! That doesn’t sound like a good experience. We just tried Grimaldis in Allen and it was fantastic.


  4. That’s crazy! Did you say anything? Pizza cools off so quickly and it’s never the same once that happens.


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