Something to Cheer About

Since the Cowboys left us a little numb, it was nice to have something to keep our spirits up this past Sunday.  It’s a well known fact that a yummy plate of food, a glass of wine and a some stimulating conversation are what I consider to be a celebration.  Sorry we couldn’t have celebrated the Cowboys, too.

Our good friends, Chris and Mindy,  joined us for the game.  Mindy has just recently developed a baking addiction and has started a website.  What do you think it’s called?  Baking In Dallas!  We’re the “In Dallas” girls. 

So, they sent us an email saying, “We’ll bring ribs”.  I sent back, saying I’d make a Mexican shrimp cocktail and some kind of corn.  Mindy replied with Chris’ request that she make baked sweet potatoes. (fabulous, I might add)  I came up with a salad and Mindy came in with a terrific lemon pound cake topped with strawberries and fresh whipped cream.  (I got an end piece, yum!)  Add a few snacks and you’ve got a football-watching-grazing-buffet and sit down dinner.  We couldn’t have had more fun!

Well, the Cowboys could have won.  That would have been more fun.

The men are all over their new site called “Biking In Dallas“.  Chris posted some wonderful pictures of our whole afternoon.  Their site is about lifestyle, as well as biking.  You should go see.  The food looks almost as good as it was!


2 responses to “Something to Cheer About

  1. It was SO fun. We’ll have to do it again, only w/o the football game.


  2. I’d love the Mexican shrimp cocktail recipe. Looks delish!


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