Toulouse for Brunch

For a chain of restaurants, I think Lombardi’s places are pretty good.  Now that we’ve been to Toulouse, I think Cibus in the only one left that we haven’t visited.  Hubbard started with a screwdriver, but didn’t like it.  The juice didn’t taste good to him.  So, he switched to the house Chardonnay.  It was fine.

For appetizers, I had mussels and he had the frog legs.  I was hesitant about the frog legs, but they were delicious.  Very juicy and fresh tasting, not the least bit overcooked.  The mussels were clearly large and perfectly prepared.  They have several styles of mussels to choose from.  I had the Mariniere, a traditional preparation that I make at home.  Wine, garlic, butter and shallots. 

We both had the Croque Madame.  This was nothing to write home about.  The sandwich is basically a grilled cheese with ham and Swiss.   This one was pretty greasy and didn’t have enough ham or cheese.  The egg is supposed to be over easy.  It wasn’t.  And there was supposed to be Mornay sauce involved in some way.  I never could find it.  What was really good were the pomme frites.  Those were delicious.  The texture was perfect.  Nice and crispy.  I love a skinny fry.

The appetizers were very good.  Maybe next time I’ll get the entree portion of mussels. 

Now, if they just had a brunch drink special, I might be more excited about going back.


7 responses to “Toulouse for Brunch

  1. that Croque Madame is about as f*up’ed as Inglorious Bastards…can u or hub explain that to me…


  2. I haven’t seen that one!


  3. toulouse is as you described

    it ok to good

    service is usually good


  4. That looks yummy Margie, I love skinny fries too


  5. My husband I have been to Toulouse a few times and I can’t remember a single thing we ordered. Hmpf. ..

    You aren’t missing much at Cibus. The NP location is great for business, but the food is just so so.


  6. so glad you reviewed toulouse for brunch, because it saves me from going & being unerwhelemed as well! i’ve had dinner there & it was delicious, but it looks like brunch is the meal to skip there!


  7. I was in Cibus for the third time last night with my 15 year old daughter. She likes their pizza margharita, but consider the age of the judge. It’s OK, but not overwhelmingly great. They do comp your valet ticket which is a plus at North Park.

    I did notice they are having a Wine Dinner on Monday 2/8, 5 courses with wines for $49.00. I kept the W&F Dinner menu, let me know if you want the courses and wines.


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