Thoughts on Temperature

After visiting Smoke for brunch the other day, we returned with friends for dinner.  I had the big beef rib.  Hub had the scallops.  Chris & Mindy had a burger and the beans with corn.  The food was good.  But, it wasn’t really piping hot.  Oh, except the gumbo that Hubbard ordered.  It was so steamy he couldn’t eat it until after the entree had arrived.  That’s a problem.  My rib was served on a bed of gorgonzola grits.  The grits weren’t hot enough to melt the cheese.  Hubbard’s scallops were on the coolish side, too. 

Now, I can see a pot of gumbo going on a higher heat than necessary and no one really noticing.  But, what about the coolness of the food?  Is that the cooks fault or the server?  Was it just sitting around on the plate too long before they served us?  I found the food to be on the cool side at brunch, too.  Brunch food generally loses it’s heat a little faster than dinner, so I really didn’t think about it much that day.  It really kind of bothered me at dinner, though.  It still tasted good.  But, you know…  I guess there’s something less charming about a plate of food that’s already cooled off when you get it.


2 responses to “Thoughts on Temperature

  1. The burger was pretty good, but glad we split it because it was HUGE. The desserts we had were good, but then I’m always a fan of anything chocolate, and that pie was super, over-the-top chocolate. I think Smoke is fine for if you are staying at the Belmont, or if you live in Oak Cliff and want to just get out someplace nice for a change, but I don’t see us driving all the way across town to go there intentionally. I’d give it a 6 out of 10.


  2. That’s a kitchen organization problem Margie. there are several cooks in the kitchen each responsible for different portions of the menu. It is the function of the expediter (and of a proper team of cooks) to get all the food to the window at the SAME TIME. I would venture to guess that the cooks/expediter/kitchen were not all in sync.


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