Kirin Court for (you guessed it) Brunch!

I didn’t bother taking pictures because I’d never be able to tell you what everything was.  We went for Dim Sum at Kirin Court last weekend and loved it!  It’s just off Central Expressway in Richardson.  I believe we took the Main Street exit.  At 12:30 the place was packed and so was the waiting area.  No bar to park yourself at, unfortunately.  When we walked in, we were handed the number 93 and they were currently calling the 70’s to be seated.  It only took about 15 or 20 minutes, though.

The food was fantastic.  All kind of dumplings and so forth.  If you aren’t familiar with Dim Sum.  You sit at your table and the servers come by with carts filled with food.  Each cart has two or three different items to choose from.  Each serving is usually enough for three or four people to have a dumpling each or a few bites of other offerings, like BBQ pork or vegetables.  As they come by your table you are free to take any or all of the available dishes.  Your menu card is marked with your choices.  The longer you sit there, the more you get to see and eat. 

It may have been because this was considered the brunch hour, but there was also a buffet type of situation up front.  There was something resembling a sweet waffle being served.  Shark fin soup.  I don’t know what all because I didn’t have a chance to really check it out.  Next time, though… 

We had a great time.  Not a hurried atmosphere or anything.  Full of Asian people.  I thought that was a good sign when we first arrived.  Turns out I was right.  Every dish we had was good and some were really good.

Three of us ate until we were stuffed.  I had glass of wine.  Hub, a beer and our friend had a pot of hot tea.  $58 before gratuity.  Not bad for a nice long relaxing lunch.  The best thing about Dim Sum?  You know how you get that urge to have everything on the menu sometimes?  Nine or ten different courses sure comes close!

I’ll try and make myself take pictures next time.


3 responses to “Kirin Court for (you guessed it) Brunch!

  1. I haven’t enjoyed Dim Sum since high school. Oh, how I loved our weekend trips over to Walnut St. to enjoy those lovely weekend goodies.


  2. One of my favorite places in Dallas, period. You will often find me there on Friday afternoons solo or with a few friends indulging myself in prep for the weekend.

    It is sad when the entire staff recognizes you.

    Try Hong Kong Royal some time. They serve dim sum off the menu any time they are open. cart service on weekends lunch only.


  3. Steven,

    It isn’t sad when the staff at a good retaurant recognizes you. It’s sad when you become a regular at a bar and they know what you want to drink.



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