Temporary Absence

Sorry about the unexplained absence.  I’ve been having some health issues.  So, please excuse me for a little longer.  I’m sure I’ll be back to my old self soon.  Meanwhile, happy eating!


7 responses to “Temporary Absence

  1. Aww, I trust you will be back and chipper than ever really soon. We have a double date planned for a dinner soon.


  2. Miss you-hope you are on the mend. I was imagining you and Hub sitting at a cafe in Rome…


  3. well, i am definitely missing your delectible (sp?) tales!!


  4. Hope you get to feeling better.


  5. good luck, take care of yourself. chicken noodle soup never hurt anybody 🙂


  6. Hope you feel better soon and are back to blogging again.


  7. Hope everything’s okay! Fingers crossed that you’re back up and blogging again soon. Take care of yourself!


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