Getting Better All The Time

I’m feeling better.

I started cooking again this weekend.  King Ranch Chicken with a hen that Hubbard smoked especially for the dish.  Shrimp Casserole.  A recipe I picked up at the fish counter at Central Market and decided to make on a whim.  Quite tasty and almost as 70’s as the King Ranch.  Then, a big pot of Pho.  The real thing.  Full of beef and topped with fresh herbs floating in an amazingly flavorful broth with noodles.

Tonight, I was plowing through the Los Angeles edition of Saveur, finding myself longing to make reservations in a state I’ve barely ever visited. 

I’m getting better all the time.

I know I’m better because I’m getting excited again.  I said out loud, “Now, THAT looks fantastic,” when I saw a picture of a plate of Huevos Rancheros in the magazine.  And it did.  It looked so satisfying and savory…  I want that.  I want to try the tortas place around the corner that has escaped my investigation since it opened months back.  I want to go back to Bolsa in Oak Cliff and to Fort Worth to check out any number of places on my list of “must do’s”.  I’ve never eaten at the soda fountain at the Highland Park Pharmacy.  What if it closes before I get there?  So much to do…  so much to do…

I’m almost tearful to be feeling good and to once again realize that there are so many wonderful experiences waiting for me.

The rooftop bar at Tei An after dinner. 

My next glass of wine.

Mashed potatoes, heavy with butter, cream and garlic.

I better get busy.


5 responses to “Getting Better All The Time

  1. Oh yay, thank god your back and feeling better 🙂 i mean, who else am i going to discuss with leslie brenner giving 3 stars to Dallas Chop House with a review like that…plus, you know i have to be with you when we discover the roof at Tei An!!! ***hugs***


  2. If only Fort Worth were closer. It’s such a gem of a city. There is so much to explore!!


  3. Hurray! Glad you are getting back to normal!


  4. What a relief. Feeling bad is just so WRONG in every way. I’m really happy to hear that you are getting back to your old self. It even sounds a bit like you may be wanting to make up for lost time!


  5. I love that you are cooking again! I need my fellow weekend chef since I’m such a rube! xoxoxo


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