Lee Harvey’s for Monday Night $1 Tacos

It’s pledge-drive time on PBS.  So, they weren’t airing “Antiques Roadshow” last night.  Perfect opportunity to hit Lee Havey’s for their $1 Monday night tacos.  And so we did.

Their ribeye tacos and fish tacos are on the menu all the time.  Usually four to an order and served with boracho beans for $7.50, I believe.  On Monday’s you can order the tacos individually for a dollar.  Beans are a dollar, too.  They are the tiny corn tortilla kind of tacos.  They are also the unbelievable delicious kind!

Lee Harvey’s is what I usually think of as a “dive bar”.  From my spot at the bar, I could see into their beautifully clean and well appointed kitchen.  Ha!  The give away!  This is really no dive at all.  It’s disguised as a dive.  Feels as comfortable as a dive.  But, the guy at the bar said something about aioli on the fish tacos.  No one says the word aioli in a dive.  At least not creepy kind of dive.  Lee Harvey’s is a treat.  Huge front yard with tons of picnic tables.  Many more tables than in the picture on the front page of the website.  But, back to the tacos…

These babies were delicious.  The meats were perfectly cooked, not dry.  It was very dark, though, so I couldn’t get a good picture.  Hub said, “I like that they were cheap and good.”  I say, give me something for a dollar that I tastes that great and I might just eat them all night.   I wasn’t overly hungry last night, so I only ate three.  Oh, and I had to have a bowl of beans.  Very tasty!

Should you go?  Yes!  Should you challenge yourself to eat as many as you can?  Yes!

The inside of the bar is small.  But, we’re about to hit perfect weather for Monday night $1 tacos under the stars.  Ah, just my kind of romance…


One response to “Lee Harvey’s for Monday Night $1 Tacos

  1. Margie, I agree. I watch Antiques Roadshow every chance I get. Unfortunately, my wife doesn’t care for it. You were right to go to Lee Harvey’s instead.


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