Two Great Things…

…That Go Great Together.

Warm steamed Snow Crab with drawn butter

Grilled New York Strip Steak  (Great grill marks, Hub!)

Those twice-baked potatoes were good, too!

Crab and Steak, both on sale at Central Market last weekend.


4 responses to “Two Great Things…

  1. A little surf and turf, eh? I like….a lot!!


  2. Margie, you don’t give yourself enough credit for those twice baked potatoes!


    You should post the recipe.


  3. ok, cruised through central market today – was going to get a prime ny strip, but they were giving free tastings of King Crab clusters…OMG, i bought the crab instead of the steak….spent a small fortune for some crab legs the size of literally small baseball bats, but wow they were so good, and i am stuffed on crab tonight…i even had enough left over i shared with the rest of the table….srumptious!!!!


  4. Well, they don’t call it King Crab for nothin’! King Crab is one of my absolute favorite things in the world. Even on sale, it’s a little pricey. We got those three little Snow Crab clusters for about $11. I bet you spent a little more!


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