My husband bought an iPhone for me this weekend.  I know, all of you already have them.  I could possibly be the last person on earth to get one.  So, what does that have to do with eating in Dallas? 

Have you ever looked across a restaurant to see half the patrons staring downward?  They’re not looking at their companions.  They’re not even looking at their food.  They can’t pry themselves away from their phones.  I think this is sad.  Now, if you are dining alone, text away!  Surf to your heart’s content.  But, why go to dinner with someone if you are going to talk to someone else, text someone else, etc.? 

My first act of rebellion…  I turned off the little noise it makes when I get an email.  I don’t need to know every single time I get an email.  And my iPromise? 

iPromise to dine with my dinner partner.  Everyone else can wait. 

OK, I might take a picture of my food.


8 responses to “iPromise

  1. Love your blog. I found you off the Challenge Dairy website. Can’t wait to read more.


  2. i try try try very very hard to do the same…it really is an addiction i think on the same level as crack…


  3. My son (18) has a very hard time not checking his iphone on a pretty constant basis during our dining out together…He is constantly holding it and looking at it, and no, it’s not new…I think it is totally addictive….


  4. Best anniversary present my wife ever got me. Takes good photos, too. In fact, Margie, I think you’ve seen a few we’ve taken on our…dining adventures.


  5. you have to ipromise not to text and drive as well!!! LOVE YOU


  6. Hell, I can hardly text at all! ipromise.


  7. iPromise to never get an iPhone.
    I do not have nor do I want one.
    ……Love your blog.


  8. no you’re not the last. I still have a 12 year old prepaid that I mostly leave in my car. If anybody really needs to reach me, they can find me in person.


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