Photo Essay Brunch at Taverna


So, do you know what it all is?  Have you ever had any of it?  I like Taverna myself.  The brunch prices are resonable.  Hello, $1 bellinis!


6 responses to “Photo Essay Brunch at Taverna

  1. I love, love, love, Taverna!
    Personally, I thinks it’s Alberto’s best restaurant (when it’s on).


  2. I know what it is…..too much food!

    Thanks for brunch, Marge.


  3. Amazing, yet so simple. We need more of this.

    nice pics!


  4. I’ve had many date nights with my husband at Taverna. It’s a great place.


  5. forgot to tell you…went to Cibus at NP on Wednesday evening…it was good…


  6. I do enjoy Taverna. Your post reminded me how much I love that place and I need to visit soon.


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