Flatbread vs Pizza

I seriously want to know.  What’s the difference between a flatbread and a pizza if both are topped with red sauce, cheese and sausage.  I mean what keeps them from both being pizzas?  Is flatbread just the prettier name?  Or is there any real difference?  Surely, someone out there has the definitive answer…


5 responses to “Flatbread vs Pizza

  1. I haven’t the slightest clue.


  2. I think its a matter of terminlogy. It might have been called foccacia some years back. Cultural diffrences and often just a marketing term, it is now interchangable.

    Look at other cuisines that offer a flatbread: sangak, injera, barbari and pita. Good times indeed.


  3. Foccacia with red sauce, sausage and cheese on it becomes pizza, if you ask me. I think calling what is essentially a pizza flatbread is just a tad bit pretentious. To me, flatbread is bread. It’s not covered with pizza toppings. But, that’s just me.


  4. Agreed — have been seeing “flatbread” on lots of menus around town. Most of the time, it looks and tastes like pizza.

    But I suppose if you are going to break lots of “pizza” rules and don’t want to deal with guests who have stereotypical expectations of their “pizza,” it makes sense to use “flatbread.”

    What I want to know is — who will be the first corporate chain restaurant to trademark the name “Flatizza”?


  5. Flatbread is inleavened….meaning it has no yeast

    Pizza dough has yeast.


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