For S

My friend S wanted me to post something because he’s getting grossed out by the big hunk of liver.  Can’t say that I blame him!  I haven’t posted in a while because I’m having serious internet access issues at my house. 

You know the kind.  You wake up one morning and no connection.  You call the guy out and after two days he tells you that you’re too far away from some mysterious place to connect.   You tell him that you’ve been connected for 10 years or more with his company.  He says new modems won’t work with your connection.  So, he finally connects an old style modem and leaves.

Now we have one computer that connects to the internet and no more wireless.  This is a bummer since my laptop and our printers are connected by wireless.  I hate this company and am considering what to do.  Do I force them to fix it?  Or do I just switch to cable intenet?

Not very food related, huh?

Sorry, just had to bitch a little.


2 responses to “For S

  1. I would demand that they try to fix it. If the problem still exists then switch companies.

    We have yet to try any of those all inclusive internet/cable packages. We are die hard DISH fans (easier use of the guide and DVR) yet we do not use their internet package.


  2. a dedicated post…how lucky! and just to add, i have cable internet…i like it…


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