Big Old Shrimp

Hub scored these guys at the White Rock Local Market.  HUGE.  There really isn’t anything to show the scale in this photo.  But, that’s a pound and a half of shrimp marinating for a little over an hour in peanut oil, lime juice, lemon juice, salt, pepper, crushed garlic and red pepper flakes.  I cut each one down the back to remove the vein, but the shell stayed on.  I questioned whether the marinade would flavor the shrimp because the only way into the meat was that slit down the back.  It worked great.  The shrimp was very delicately flavored.

Hub prepares the grill.  The grating that he’s using to grill on is supposed to keep smaller items from falling through onto the fire.  There really wasn’t any chance that these babies could have fallen through.  They were too big.  Hub likes to use this grated surface when he grills fish.

On they go!


Yes, a pound and a half of head-on shrimp equals 12 individuals.  Hubbard had never grilled shrimp like this before.  You sure couldn’t tell when he was done.  The shrimp was fabulous!

I was afraid the meat would be chewy because of their size.  It was deliciously tender and reminded me a little of fluffy hunks of lobster.  He should have bought 10 pounds of them!


2 responses to “Big Old Shrimp

  1. Looks so good!!!


  2. I am hosting a dinner this weekend at the ranch and will seek out and use Hub’s method. Nothing tastier than head-on/ shell-on shrimp grilled. Simple with a wow factor of 10. Thanks!

    tiny lobsters…


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