A Well Used Chimney

Hubbard likes to start his grill fires with a chimney and hardwood charcoal instead of any kind of lighter fluid or briquettes.  I think it’s time for a new chimney, don’t you?

If you look closely, you can actually see our dog Maxine through the chimney.  (or what’s left of it)


4 responses to “A Well Used Chimney

  1. I’d say it had a good run. What more can you ask for? Nice.


  2. She (Maxine) wasn’t in the chimney? right?! LOL
    Yes, Hub deserves a new one!!!


  3. Yep, that chimney starter has done its job and deserves to be retired. Our well-used chimney is also showing signs of age but still has a lot of fires left in it.


  4. foodgeekblogthing

    My brother is a charcoal fanatic. I don’t grill much, myself. He has two chimney starters he uses for his absurdly large (and completely awesome) grill.


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