Libertine Bar on Tuesday Nights

Hub and I had been talking about checking out the Tuesday night half priced food special at the Libertine Bar and last Tuesday we finally did it.  I mean, what’s not to like about half price food?  I was pretty surprised when I saw the menu.  Steak and fries?  Short ribs?  Both of these dishes were less than $15 before you get the discount.  A cup of soup $4.  We definitely needed to try both the soups.  How can you pass up a $2 cup of of soup? 

The tomato comes with a quarter of a grilled cheese sandwich.  Look at how thick and rich that soup is.  I thought it was excellent.  Hubbard decided to try the cream of jalapeno.

This soup was not as thick as the tomato.  It quite a kick to it, too!  Hubbard liked it a lot.  I only had a couple of spoonfuls and while I liked it, I wondered if it might be too spicy for me to eat a whole cup.  Hubbard certainly had no problem with it.  $4 into our meal I’m extremely happy. 

Next, the fried portobello mushrooms.  I forgot what the three dipping sauces were.  I think one was a lemon herb aioli, one roasted red bell pepper, maybe one was chipotle.  I guess I’ll have to try them again to find out.  That shouldn’t be too much trouble.  Just look at them.  You know they’re good.  The batter was nice and crispy.

There are all kinds of burgers, sandwiches and salads on the menu, as well as other entrees.  Toni, Hubbard’s biking buddy who works at Libertine, suggested the Ginger Beef salad.  She said it was one of the best salads she’s ever had anywhere.  That’s on my list of things to try.  But, this Tuesday I had to try the short rib.

The flavor was wonderful and the rib meat pulled into bite sized pieces with just a fork.  Super tender.  The German potato salad was obviously the Libertine’s own.  Nicely done red potatoes with a tangy and slightly sweet dressing of onions and bacon.  Delicious.  Look at how lovely Hubbard’s steak and fries were…

Yep, that would be sweet potato fries.  He said it was very good.  We’re not talking steak house good.  We weren’t paying steak house prices either.  And frankly, if you’re craving a hunk of beef steak, you usually won’t find it at all in a bar.  Hubbard gave it the thumbs up. 

The cuisine here is definitely a huge leap beyond normal bar food.  And the best part…  I had two glasses of wine , $1 off regular price.  Hubbard had two classic cocktails, 1/2 price each.  All that food and the bill was $44, if I remember correctly.  Maybe it was just $40.  Just think how little we would have had to pay if we weren’t such pigs!

(Check out Hub’s website for his take on the meal.  He and his friend Chris have a bicycling site called, what else,!)


One response to “Libertine Bar on Tuesday Nights

  1. I cant this tuesday, but i think next tuesday im hitting this place up for some of those mushrooms…mmmmmmmm


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