Il Cane Rosso Pizza

What can I say?  We waited too long?  Too long because we’ve been missing what I think is the very best pizza in Dallas.  Hubbard and I visited Times Ten Cellars last Wednesday to try a the pizza from Jay Jerrier’s mobile pizza oven, Il Cane Rosso.  I’ve talked about Campania pizza in the past.  It’s some great stuff and evidently Jay is associated with that outfit as well.  But, this… this is something really special.

Il Cane Rosso is a guerrilla restaurant.  On Wednesday nights they roll up to Times Ten Cellars, though I believe that will end after June.  They are at Chocolate Angel on Thursdays – Saturdays from 5:00 “until the dough runs out”.  Chocolate Angel is at Preston and Forest and I’m headed there next week.  They have a larger menu at that location and it’s BYOB.  Anyway, back to last Wednesday.

We ordered a bottle of wine and two pizzas.  One with Jimmy’s sausage (Hubbard’s favorite) and one with soppresata.  Soppresata is similar to pepperoni, only not so oily and harsh.  These pizzas have just a few ingredients, but they are all special.  They handmake their dough.  The sauce is made from hand-crushed San Marzano tomatoes.  They pull their own mozzarella.  Fresh herbs.  Amazing.  The crust is thin and crispy. 

This oven is so hot that the pizza cooks in just two minutes.  They use Texas hardwoods to stoke the fire up to 900 degrees.  The result is a fabulous pizza.  Just the right amount of toppings.  Hubbard is very put off my overloaded pizzas, which is too often what you get when you eat out.  This is just perfect.  The flavor of every element of the pizza shines through. 

Does that pizza look fantastic or what?  It was.  Every single bite of it.  Even the few slices that we took home.  Hubbard’s final comment:  “You won’t have to talk me into coming here again!” 

And the name… Il Cane Rosso means the red dog.  Why?  Because Jay has a dog that’s big and red. 

This experience was nothing but fun and delicious.  I can’t wait to do it again.

Come on. You know you want it.

Thanks to Jay for the pictures.  I’ll come prepared next time.


6 responses to “Il Cane Rosso Pizza

  1. Be sure to try the smores calzone if you have room left over and someone to share it with. It is decadent and gooey goodness!


  2. That is one damn good looking pizza!


  3. yum, and how fun…there are all these other places besides the Grapevine…lol


  4. yall want to go wednesday?


  5. Maybe so. I’ll check with Hub. At this point, I could go every day!


  6. This is the final weekend for the Chocolate Angel location but the Times ten should still progress until they reopen at their own location after the July 4th holiday. Jay has a great product and we should all follow him during this transition.


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