Thoughts on Meddlesome Moth

I’ve been thinking about the food at Meddlesome Moth ever since we visited last weekend.  I’m not quite sure what to say.  It’s a little boring?  The presentation is lacking?  I guess the place itself is such a great venue that it’s really begging for better food.  The service was perfect.  Not too pushy.  Exactly as attentive as I needed.  It’s obviously well managed.  There are about a million beers on tap.  The beer list is fascinating actually.  But, the food… 

Shrimp and grits with jalapeno gravy.  I love shrimp and grits.  This dish was not what I think of when I think shrimp and grits.  Grits didn’t have much flavor.  Gravy was barely lifted up by the jalapeno, basically just a cream gravy.  The shrimp may have been  marinated because they tasted a little different than straight up shrimp.  But, overall, it was not very flavorful at all.  I was craving some garlic, onion or bacon or something.  And look at it.  Very monochromatic.  Did I hate it?  No.  But, I was underwhelmed.

Hub had the fish and chips.  Again, the presentation isn’t on the mark.  The potatoes were limp and a little oily.  The flavor of the fish was fine and I think the housemade tartar sauce was actually very good with nice herb note. 

If we were served this food at a dive, I would be impressed.  But, this is no dive.  Far from it.  This was our first visit.  Perhaps the burgers, salads or sandwiches are better.  I want to try one of the beer flights they have available.  On this visit the thing I was most impressed with was the coffee.

I’ll get back to you if the story changes.


7 responses to “Thoughts on Meddlesome Moth

  1. I thought the same thing about the food there. The beer is really what I go there for, the food…well, that’s just filler.


  2. I like some of the dishes and probably by now have tried it all. Not the best but again, its the beer.

    A new place that I will be writing up, and I have been going regularly since day one, is The Common table in the old Lola location. Not only is the food good (not terribly inspiring but well executed AND attractive) but they have a nice beer list. Not the same as the taps at Moth or Grail, but nice.

    The service earns high stars at Common. Check ‘er out Margie.


  3. I’ve been planning to do that. At first it made me sad to think of going there when it wasn’t Lola. But, I’m probably mature enough to get over it!


  4. Give me a shout out if you do. Some how I ended up at the owners house last weekend sipping Dogfish at 4am. They are definitely cool people. Everyone there is.


  5. You get an egg timer with your coffee? I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before!


  6. I had the bone marrow when I went and it was really good… and I’ve heard great things about his mussels, which is why we invited him to participate in the Bastille on Bishop celebration.


  7. I’d be interested in trying the marrow. You can’t find that just anywhere. Unfortunately, I didn’t buy enough mussel tickets at BoB. So, I only got to try a couple of different ones. I would have liked to have tried them all!


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