You know, when you first start a blog, you can write about practically every dish you cook or restaurant you visit.  Everything is a first for the blog.  After a couple of years…  the new stuff comes a little less often.  We’ve been going out.  But, I’ve written about all the restaurants before.  We almost went to Si Tapas the other night.  A 40 minute wait put a big nix on that.  We cooked a little bit.  I will recommend the “Cowboy” burger patties from Central Market.  They have ground up bacon in them.  Yum!  I even cooked them inside instead of on the grill and they were delicious.  Othere than that, not a whole lot going on last week.

Are any of you going to any of the restaurants on the Yelp Eats! list?  $25 fixed price is a pretty good deal.  I’m just not really sure why they’re doing it…  I don’t see any mention of charity or anything.  Gotta wonder.


4 responses to “Nada

  1. Margie in a food funk? We need to hit a good food event. See any cool ones on the horizon?


  2. ran into my friend christa last night, and she did the Yelp special at STEEL and said it was really good…I had mentioned we had talked about it and didnt understand what this event was particularly about and how did Hoffbrau (sp?) end up on the list…she said she had understood it was restaurants which had recently received overall bad ratings on Yelp and this was a way to get business back in the door and spread some good word of mouth about the selected places…


  3. That makes sense. I just wasn’t getting it. It also makes me want to go to Steel. I’ve never been.


  4. Steven, what IS up? I still haven’t gotten over to Common Table.


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