Untraditional Summer Dinner

Since it’s damn near a cool front, only 90 degrees, we are going to be having a rather unconventional summer supper.  Hubbard is making homemade chili and guacamole.  True, people don’t usually crave chili in the summer months.  But, we do.

Why not?  It’s no warmer in our house than it is in the winter.  It tastes good no matter what’s going on outside.  It taste pretty damn great, in fact.  Hubbard makes a great pot of chili.  We can use leftovers for chili dogs, enchiladas, Frito pie, etc.

I can’t wait.


4 responses to “Untraditional Summer Dinner

  1. How about that chili recipe? I’m always looking for another angle on chili to try out.


  2. I’ll have to get with Hubbard on that. It’s not written down. But, I don’t think it’s top secret or anything.


  3. I love hearty meals in the summertime. Chili sounds fantastic!


  4. Chili is good any day, especially today since its raining. I will be competing at Terlingua this year!


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