Chicken Fried Steak on Our Dating Anniversary

July 4th is the official date that Hubbard and I started dating.  Later we actually got married.  But, we like to celebrate both anniversaries.  Why not?  This year Hub made a big old mess of chicken fried steak.  Since we’re not stingy about our celebrating, we invited our friend Bill over to join us for the meal.

Hub buys the meat already tenderized at Central Market.  He sprinkles it with salt, pepper, granulated garlic, ancho chili powder and thyme on both sides. 

Then the meat goes into a milk bath.  The milk is mixed with two eggs, Louisian hot sauce and salt and pepper.

Here’s our chef, hard at work.  The tequila in the foreground is for Margaritas that go in that jug with the red lid.  In fact, it’s in our fridge right now.  Anyway, Hubbard made mashed potatoes and a pot of pinto beans that was to die for. 

They’re made with chorizo, onions, jalapeno peppers and tomatoes.  Fantastic! 

Meanwhile, each batch of steaks is dredged in seasoned flour and lowered down into the grease to fry.  Here’s the first batch…

Yum!  I bought “The Texas Cowboy Cookbook” by Robb Walsh for Hubbard recently.  So, we tried one of his gravy recipes.  You camelize onions and then make a gravy with them.  Very good.  We used sweet onions and I really think it made a difference. 

My plate.  Can you tell I’m a fool for gravy?  You can’t even see the steak.  Sure was good!  The fresh corn was cooked in bacon grease with onions, red bell pepper and jalapeno.  Super tasty.  It was a perfect Texas meal on a perfect day!

Go, Hub!!


3 responses to “Chicken Fried Steak on Our Dating Anniversary

  1. Margie, there’s a perfect Fourth of July Texas meal. May you have many more such anniversaries!


  2. Happy Anniversary!! I’m catching up on postings tonight 🙂 and CFS with pinto beans and gravy…nothing like it!!! YUM!


  3. Happy anniversary! Love you two and wish many happy dining moments for you both. Chicken Fried Steak… hmmmmm.


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