The Common Table for Lunch

July 4th is gone and I’ve still got a day off.  Perfect.  I mention The Porch for lunch and maybe trying The Common Table.  Hubbard jumps all over the new place idea.  Great day to do it.  It wasn’t crowded.  The service was attentive and we even found a parking place on the street.  While I think that valet is the best thing ever, Hub’s not so into it.  We’re both happy with the way this was working out from the start.  A place on the street is only a couple of door down from The Common Table.

I’m hungry for everything on the menu.  Our server is very nice, but not like “in your face nice”.  Like a real guy.  He suggests a few things and I decide I have to try the crab fritters.  This is a risk for me since I generally do not like bready things.  Often fritters are a way to make crab go a long way.  In this case, it’s simply the way to roll crab into a ball and fry it.  Look at how pretty the plate is…

And look at the interior of these babies…

Very crabby.  I liked them a lot.  I also had to try the cheese soup because, frankly, I think cheese soup is one of the most fantastic things on the planet.  I’m a fool for cheese.  Mick asked if we wanted a small bowl or a big one.  I chose the small one.  Now I wonder what the big one would have looked like.

This was excellent soup.  In fact, I’m craving it now.  Hub loved his beer, as well.  I think he said something like, “Leave it to those Belgians…”  My main course of tuna was good.  The flavors were kind of mild and I’m a big flavor person.  So, I’ll probably order something else next time.  But, it was perfect for lunch.

The killer was this burger, though.  The burger topped with Camembert.  What a fabulous cheese choice for a burger.  We’re going to be doing this one at home.  Hub ordered it medium.  It was perfectly cooked and insanely juicy.  In fact, Hub said if you couldn’t have inverted the burger when it came to the table that the thinner bottom bun might have gotten out of control.  He also noted that the lettuce, tomato and onion were perfectly proportioned to fit the burger.  I noticed that the onion and tomato were very thinly sliced.  Good idea.  It really worked so much better than those big slabs of stuff that you see so often.

I probably ate a quarter of Hub’s burger.  He got full and I just couldn’t stop reaching over to have one more bite.  And look at those precious skinny fries.  Hubs said, “more like frites”.  Sooo good!  So good that we didn’t have room for dessert.  Will we be back?  Hell, yeah.  In fact, I’m working on an angle to talk Hubbard into going tonight!


4 responses to “The Common Table for Lunch

  1. the crab balls and the soup remind me of French Onion Soup Dumplings at Stanton Social in NYC…remind me to tell you about those some time…


  2. Great choices! Love the place, my car often goes into auto-pilot late at night and end up closing the place with the Nick and Sams crew on Saturday nights.


  3. I really like the Common Table. The food is solid, but the drinks are even better. I “accidentally” tried out 3-4 of their cocktails on Saturday night. It’s a refreshing addition to Dallas!


  4. OK everything on that menu looks delish, I also adore cheese soup! YUM


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