Bastille Day

We had a great time at the Bishop Arts District last Wednesday for the Bastille Day celebration.  The heat, though, was as bad as I thought it might be or we would have stayed longer.  We got there about 5:45 and met our friend S for pizza and salad at Eno’s.  I love the thin crust at Eno’s.  But, it could have been just a tad crispier.  The place was packed when we left to join the festivities outside where we hooked up with Steven Doyle from the Observer’s blog “City of Ate“.  (I think that’s such a clever name!) Steve knows everyone!  Introduced me to Andrew Chalk from D Magazine’s blog “Side Dish“.  It was fun to put a face with a name finally.

They were expecting 500 or so people at this event.  About 1500 showed up.  We were lucky to have gotten Tshirts, wine glasses and, most importantly, tickets for mussels.  They sold out of all of the previously mentioned goods.  There were scads of local chefs on hand for a mussel competition.  But, I had my eye on David Uygur and our friend Kevin Dean, who was assisting during this competiton.  Uygur is opening an Italian spot next to Dude Sweet Chocolates.  It will be called Lucia.  And if his Italian food is as good as the food at Lola used to be, I might just go ahead and move to Oak Cliff!  Anyway, the mussels they created were fabulous and the fresly made bread was perfect for sopping up the tasty broth.  Not surprisingly, they won the competition!

Now, if this would have been a beautiful Spring evening…  I would have stayed until they threw me out.  Evidently, the French weren’t thinking about us Texans and street festivals on that original Bastille Day so long ago.  And after about an hour and half in the sweltering heat, I had to hit the road.  Will I be back next year.  I imagine so.  I probably will have cooled off by then!


4 responses to “Bastille Day

  1. i had a blast w/ you and hub…(that vinegar beer was great too…lol)…figs in season yet?


  2. Yes, I thought that was a bit weird. S wanted to order the salad with figs. Eno’s had a little card on the table talking about how bad the fig season was and that they had a pear salad instead. Funny, I had just been to Central Market that weekend and there were tons of figs. In fact, they were not on plentiful, they were on sale.


  3. I went also, it suuure was crowded. I couldn’t believe it! Glad to have found your blog, always looking for other Dallasites with blogs 🙂


  4. It was wonderful seeing you, Hub, and finally meeting the mysterious S.

    It was crazy packed with Bastille revelers, and was shocked to see the mighty Marc Cassel taken down round one. Highlight was definitely “Dude, Sweet Chocolate” Katherine Clapner in her regalia.


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