Our days of roasted chicken or 2 hour, braised in the oven, Osso Buco are over.  It’s 98 degrees.  A lot of people cook soup in the winter.  I make it in the summer because I don’t have to turn my oven on.  In fact, once it gets into the 90’s and 100’s, I do my very best to never turn on the oven.  Grilling is a good alternative.  The only problem is that you have to keep opening the door to go in and out.  By August, I pretty much desperately miss cooking in my oven.  Summer is upon us here in Texas.  What are you cooking?


6 responses to “Summer

  1. We’re doing lots and lots of grilled and smoked food, thanks to my hubby the grillmeister! We’ve been enjoying more salads and other cool foods; even tried a gazpacho. We are using the oven a little less sparingly than in previous summers simply because we recently purchased a new range and everything works properly so there’s no extra-long preheat time. But like you, we’re conservative about not opening and closing the back door and the refrigerator door too much. I love being a Texan, but our summers are brutal, aren’t they?


  2. We’re doing lots of salads and steamed vegetables. We also like to grill once a week. Lots of chicken to keep us satisfied for a good long piece. I love having it handy right there in the fridge. I simply open the plastic baggie, pull out a piece of grilled chicken and top my salad with it.


  3. Lots of sauteeing on the stove top for me. I also try to only cook two days a week, but I cook enough for most of the week. This weeks highlights include garlic chicken and curried swordfish. Central Market had swordfish steaks for $11.99 each! That’s almost half price!! Because of the heat, my lovely wife has become queen of the George Forman Grill!!!


  4. Call me crazy but I’m still using my oven… Just don’t come over when I’m cooking! I so need a grill.


  5. could cooking at 3am become an option?


  6. Well, considering it’s still 90 degrees at midnight most of the time… I’m not sure if that would solve our problem.


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