Italian Bread Salad

I had some day old bread yesterday and I was thinking of making one of those Italian bread salads.  I’ve never made one before.  Next thing you know, Lynn Rossetto Kasper is spilling out this recipe for one on her Splendid Table podcast that I listen to every weekend.  I was saying to myself, “That’s fate.  Lynn’s talking about it.  I’m thinking about it.  So, I should make it.  Right?”.

Then I started thinking about stale bread soaking in a vinaigrette.  Barf.  I hate soggy bread.  I can’t even stand to touch it if it ends up in the sink.  I’m sure the salad is good.  The Italians don’t go around eating a bunch of crappy stuff.  And this would be a terrific use for bread that would otherwise only be good for croutons or bruschetta.  But, I just can’t make myself do it. 

Any input here?  Have you eaten or prepared one of these salads?  Will just any bread work?  (besides Wonder bread, of course)  Do you promise it’s going to be good?


5 responses to “Italian Bread Salad

  1. I LOVE panzanella, but I have to admit that I like bread soaked in vinegar (and then it will also get the olive oil taste too). The recipe that I use has you toast the bread chunks first in the oven and then soak it. I don’t think I’ve put my recipe on my blog. I think you should try it and see how it goes!


  2. Try it….what have you got to lose?


  3. Pappa al Pomodoro, a tomatoey bread soup is also unusual and wonderful this time of year when we still have fesh tomatoes to work with.


  4. OK. I have to admit it. I had a bowl of tomato basil soup at Bonnie Ruth’s last night. It was covered with croutons. Which got soggy. And you know what? I loved it!


  5. bread is for mopping up Sunday roast gravy, nothing more…oh or maybe a good pb&j…


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