Dallas Classic Desserts

I love this little book.  Pelican publishers sent it to me gratis.  And I really do love it.  It’s written by Helen Thompson.  I would describe it as a coffetable book, but it’s much smaller than that.  I guess the fantastic photography by Robert M. Peacock is a big element in what makes it so entertaining.  Each chapter is devoted to a certain type of dessert; Cobbles and Crisps, Ice Cream and Sauces, etc.  Then each two page lay out gives you a dessert from a Dallas restaurant.  A beautiful picture of the dessert.  A nice write up of the restaurant.  And a recipe.  So, even though our beloved Doughmoney is gone, we’ll always have a little piece of it to remember in the coming years.


My husband is a Dallas history buff and we have a few similar books that review Dallas restaurants through the years.  One from the seventies is particularly entertaining, bringing back memories of restaurants that have long since closed.  Dallas Classic Desserts covers restaurants that are, for the most part, still open.  It will certainly be a treasure in years to come when Hector’s and Central 214 might not be with us anymore.

Hubbard is also a fool for fried fruit pies.  So, he couldn’t resist trying this one.

His might not look quite as pretty.  But, they sure did taste good!


5 responses to “Dallas Classic Desserts

  1. Fried pies must be in the air. My mother-in-law whipped some up over the weekend. She made hers with an apple cinnamon filling.


  2. What a wonderful book, yummy!


  3. Guessin your’e gonna have to get Hub some of those pie forms/cutters for his fried pies!! They looked great…..Tried any other recipes from the book yet??? LOVE desserts!!!!!


  4. No, but Hub did do some toffee bars from his friend’s site “Hannah in the Kitchen”. You should try those. They’re great and really easy! Her site is on my list of blogs on the right.


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