Restaurant Week 2010

So, have you made your choice(s) yet?  We decided to go for the Mansion and Cafe Pacific.  I was good this year and waiting until “Reservation Day”, the day that they are officially supposed to start taking reservations.  I’ll never do that again.  Abacus and Craft were ringing fast busy.  I don’t trust Open Table for RW reservations because I’ve made them and had the establishment come back and say they weren’t serving RW during that time slot.  I’d rather just have everything up front and clear on the phone.  That’s usually why I start calling way before the list has even come out.  This year, I didn’t do that. 

Have you seen the menu for Pappa’s Brothers?  One of the 2nd course options is an 8 oz filet with mushroom ragout and shrimp.  That’s a pretty significant dish for $35 considering you get a salad and dessert, too.  As time goes by and I see more menus, I wish I had more reservations.

I did get smart this year and plan a girl’s night out for Restaurant Week.  Why didn’t I think of this before?  Three of my friends and I are going to Arcodoro Pomodoro on a Friday night.  Sounds like fun to me!

So, where are you going?  Are you going?  Any thoughts on RW?


5 responses to “Restaurant Week 2010

  1. Mansion. We’re looking forward to it!


  2. I was speaking with some chefs last night that are doing restaurant week where the menus usually do not make sense to pay $35. I am finding that special off menu items are being created in these cases that can make it very worthwhile. Brilliant!

    I love the restaurants that use this event as a springboard for the coming busy season in the Fall and Winter months.

    Mansion is on my short list. Fun post!


  3. Oceanaire and The Place at Perrys for us, Margie. We can’t wait!


  4. saving for New Orleans this year…cant wait to hear your review of the Mansion!! and i dont care how bad sitting in the solarium might be, if it is a nice night, i love looking out on the patio and the sloping lawn than being in the stuffy dining room…


  5. The hubby and I are doing Hibiscus this year, and then I’m going with friends to Craft. But now I’m nervous- we definitely made our Hibiscus reservation on Open Table. Looks like we may need to follow up on that!!

    Looking forward to reading about how the Mansion and Cafe Pacific turn out!


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