Ali Baba’s Lunch Buffet

Dude!  These people have laid out some food!

Hub and I were trying to go to Matt’s in Lakewood on Labor Day.  No dice.  No labor, I should say.  They were closed.  Everything seemed to be closed.  Then I remembered Ali Baba.  Open!  We walk in and the host tells us it’s only buff-ett.  No regular menu.  Just buff-ett.  I hesitated.  I’m not much of a buff-ett kind of person.  Hubbard generally hates them.  We could start driving or eat from the buffet.  We gave in and grabbed a plate.  Hey, it had just turned 11:00.  At least it was a fresh buffet. 

It appears that they have practically everything on the menu set up on at the two tables.  I decided to look on the bright side.  Here was my chance to try some of those dishes I didn’t know so well AND many of the ones that I already love.  I had some hummos, babaganoush and garlic sauce with fresh pita.  I had mixed vegetables, mousaka, rice pilaf, pan fried califlower, beef kabob, shish tawook and gyro meat.  I had thyme pie and what tasted like a ground chickpea soup.  Pickles.  Onion salad.  I was stuffed!  And there was so much more that I didn’t even try.  They had dolmas, coriander potatoes, tabouli, Greek salad, fattoush salad, falafel, kibbi, lentil soup, chicken curry and golden chicken.  Golden chicken is their version of rotisserie chicken.  It is by far the best rotisserie prepared chicken I have ever eaten.  I’ve been eating that chicken for about 20 years now. 

All of this for $10.95.  If you are a big eater and you like Mediterranean food, this is for you.  Even if you’re not a big eater.  Go.  So many vegetarian options.  The food is just real.  And real food is a good thing.


One response to “Ali Baba’s Lunch Buffet

  1. Margie, I think you’ve discovered the secret of a good buffet. Use it to try out many dishes that are unfamiliar to you. Otherwise, you end up overeating, and then it becomes wasteful and eating for its own sake.


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