Meatloaf Hoagie Burgers

We had hoagie rolls.  We had a small Southwestern meatloaf from Central Market.  Hubbard wanted burgers.  That’s how we ended up with meatloaf hoagie burgers.  How else?

The loaf.

The new and improved hoagie shaped burgers.  Hubbard applies his secret grilling burgers seasoning; Worcestershire Sauce and Louisian Hot Sauce.  Don’t tell him I told.

Now, what we under estimated was how much juicier this meatloaf mixture was than a straight up hunk of ground beef.  Let’s say that the texture was a bit of a challenge on the grill.  He went for high heat with the lid down most of the time.  I couldn’t get a good picture of the grilling process.  Here are our finished patties.

OK.  They look a little like Elephant Man burgers.  This was an experiment, afterall.  But, put ’em on a hoagie roll and load it with grilled onions…  I’d say the experiment was a great success!


One response to “Meatloaf Hoagie Burgers

  1. These look good. I also made meatloaf this week. I think the cooler weather just lends itself to meatloaf eating. I used some ground beef from Target (I know, what was I thinking) and the texture was ultra funky. I think they put some kind of major additives in that meat because no matter how long you cook it, it still looks pinkish. Also, it is really really juicy, but not in a good way. The moral of the story…don’t make meatloaf with Target ground beef!


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