DMN Reviews

It appears that you have to subscribe to Dallas Morning News to read their restaurant reviews.  Evidently, there’s a free trial period you can sign up for. 

I understand that newpapers are having a hard time.  There were days when I would have gladly paid to read the restaurant reviews in the Dallas Morning News.  I really looked forward to Thursday’s blog link.  Those days have passed. 

Frankly, I find Brenner’s reviews to be largely uninspiring and often confusing.  I wish that wasn’t the case.  I want to be a loyal reader.  But, I just can’t pay to read reviews that I constantly question.

Oh, well.  Time moves on.  Things change.


8 responses to “DMN Reviews

  1. I totally agree. I was thinking for a brief second about signing up but then remembered how angry/ annoyed many of her posts make me. No need to pay to have my blood pressure go up.


  2. Just go to WFAA and it is free on there…..for now.


  3. I totally agree with all you wrote! It’s an effen joke.


  4. I’m right there with you. Not worth it.


  5. yes why would you pay for something when it is really just mediocre. I also used to really look forward to thursday reviews. It used to be two reviews like clock work every thursday. Perfect for a little break during work thursday or friday. But now sometimes you get a review sometimes you dont and it can come on any day. and they are not good reviews anyways.
    good luck getting people to pay DMN. I would rather read this blog for free, it is more informative and more fun to read.


  6. i’ll miss the reviews; totally loved getting worked up over cranked out cracked out star rankings…i loved it 2; service was horrible 4; cant wait to go back 1…huh?


  7. When the DMN raised it rates this past month I cancelled after being a reader for all of my life. I now get my daily news on my iPad with an assortment of sites.
    Not being able to read L Brenner is a non-issue. I cannot agree more that of the food articles I read hers had moved to last in the order.
    Side Dish,Observer,Critic’s Guide,Feast,F Custom BBQ,Eating in Dallas and Brads. Who could ask for more?
    Keep up the good work.


  8. Margie, these days I grocery shop on Saturdays, so I simply get an early edition of the Sunday paper for $3. DMN saves their best work for Sundays. If I heard there was an issue of the Guide I wanted to read, I could also do the same on Friday.


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