Village Burger Bar

Hub and I went to Village Burger Bar this past Sunday for the first time.  It was a little confusing because we got there before the line was out the door.  There were no tables open, so we sat at the bar.  The confusing part was that we were actually supposed to order at the bar, pay for it and then take a number to our seats.  At least, that’s what everyone else did.  But, we just plopped down at the bar.  The cashier/bartender didn’t hesitate to show us some menus and take our order.  He didn’t say, “Oh, you need to pay right now” or anything like that.  He just waited on us.  I liked that.  He didn’t insist that we follow the rules.  He was very pleasant and since it wasn’t hurting anyone for us to pay when we were through, I was happy to order an extra drink after the meal and leave him a good tip. 

Hubbard and I split two burgers.  I had the Cheddar Burger.  Cheddar, lettuce, tomato, onion, dill pickle slices and Champagne mustard.  Very tasty.  Didn’t fall apart.  Perfectly cooked.  Not too big, but not a skinny patty.  Hub ordered the Swiss Burger.  Swiss cheese, fresh spinach, sauted mushroom, onion and artichoke aioli.  Again, not too messy, considering sauted mushrooms can sometimes be kind of slippery.  They added just the right amount of mushroom to keep it tasty but under control.  The sauces sounded really special.  But, in the end I didn’t notice them being any real flavor punch.  Sauces were good, but not outstanding.  The overall effect of the burger was better than usual.

We started with their spinach and artichoke dip.  Maybe they should call it cheesy spinach and artichoke dip.  Your basic classic dip, but so cheesy that you had to kind of struggle with the strings of stretched cheese when you scooped up a bite.  The flavor was pretty tasty, though.  We also had the trio of fried items.  The little skinny fries were the best, I thought.  The sweet potato fries were a little thicker, but still not bulky.  It was the onion rings that were the monsters of the three.  They were huge and gnarly.  Hubbard didn’t like them so much because, as it often goes, the onion pulled out of the ring crust on the first bite.  The batter was kind of crispy and thick.  I liked them just fine, though they did have a startling appearance.

They have drink specials.  On Sunday it was $2 off vodka drinks.  Hub ordered a Cape Cod and it turned out to be only $3.  I ordered a mojito for $6.  The second mojito was really strong.  A little too strong for me.  Hub offered to switch drinks.  Problem solved.  That is, if you consider a strong drink to be a problem.

Would I go back?  Certainly.  The burgers were good.  West Village is a fun spot to shop and people watch.  They have a nice sized patio where you can see and be seen.  You may pay a little more than you’re used to for a burger with no fries, $6.20.  But, you can add fries on the side or as a basket.  Sides were $1.50 and the baskets were $3.00.  We couldn’t finish our trio basket which was $4.oo.  I thought, overall, it was a good deal, considering the drinks were so cheap and the atmosphere is hip and fun.  Yep, I’d go back.


7 responses to “Village Burger Bar

  1. I’m glad you mostly enjoyed it. Since I can walk to Village Burger Bar from my apartment, I find myself heading there fairly regularly. They have really good margaritas for $3.50 on Fridays too. 🙂


  2. i like this place too


  3. I definitely enjoyed the overall experience. Will probably skip the onion rings next time and just go with the skinny fries. That cheddar burger was pretty damned good.


  4. Great burgers! Good recommendation, Hannah. We were sitting facing the kitchen door, and everything coming out looked really good. As Margie stated, our waiter, Chris, was a good low-key server.


  5. You must try the grazing cow for a really fantastic burger. Its a quirky little place in a non-descript strip mall in Plano. You don’t go for atmosphere but quite possibly the best burger in the area. Burgers are made from organic grass fed beef, fries are offered with unique seasonings like smoke and they make homemade flavored lemonades. Its one of the few reviews Leslie Brenner was spot on about. Be warned though, they don’t take cash and they close when they run out of meat so I recommend getting there early.


  6. Love the place. It is generally an easy in-and-out, great area and the food is decent. My kids love going there when they visit. It always follows a ride on the trolley to the DMA then burgers at VBB, then a walk across the street to the bookstore. Dad gets a beer, girlies get milkshakes. Skinny fries!


  7. I once ate at a burger joint in Cincinatti and so far nothing compared. The burger included goat cheese, sauteed onions, lettuce, tomato, and a sweet mango sauce. I challanged the Villiage Burgar bar to try it and they did. Not exact but they did an amazing job trying to match it. Of course, not on the menu but I’d order it again. I also love the sweet potato fries 🙂


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