It’s All About the Kitchen

I know it’s not right.  My laptop rarely leaves the built-in table that separates my living/dining area and my kitchen.  I know it’s supposed to be portable.  That’s the point, right?  To me, it’s supposed to be smaller than a desktop.  I can sit in my chair on the dining side and blog, read, etc.  Or I can turn it around to the kitchen side and follow a recipe online while I cook.  It’s easily stashed when it’s time to entertain.

I was thrilled when I found out that there are speakers  that I can hook up to my laptop that actually sound great.  Bose offers a pair that I just purchased for $99.  The sound is incredible compared to anything I’ve had connected to a computer.  I’m listening to iTunes right now.  But, you know why I really bought them?  I was looking for speakers that were loud enough for me to hear my favorite podcast “Splendid Table” while I washed dishes.

A lot is motivated by the time I spend in the kitchen.  And it just keeps getting better and better…


One response to “It’s All About the Kitchen

  1. If you ever need to replace your laptop, I have a Toshiba with Harmon Kardon speakers built in. It sounds incredible. We also wired speakers into an unused cabinet in the kitchen (unused because it’s over the fridge and too tall for frequent use unless you like dragging a ladder out). Now I can see the TV in the den AND hear it – what a luxury ;>

    Also, I am totally jealous about the pizza tour!


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