Photo Blog of Saturday

Maxine in the Morning

Off to Cedars Social for lunch at the bar…

I love deviled eggs!

Hubbard loves sweetbreads!  I must say, these tempura fried sweetbreads might be the best I’ve ever had.  Delicious!  Melts in your mouth.

Fried Oysters.  Reminded me of the Cuidad days.

Look at these precious buns!  Nothing wrong with short rib sliders.  And I am a firm believer that if you’re going to serve sliders you better have cute buns.  NOT dinner rolls. 

Our good friends, Bill and Lori, met us at Cedar’s Social for a Moscow mule.

It was such a beautiful day we decided to make a move around the corner to sit outside at Lee Harvey’s and have a beer.  Luckily, we happened to be there during an English bulldog gathering.  I’m a sucker for dogs!

Not a Bulldog!

This little guy was pretty mad about the invasion of the bulldogs.  He did keep his barking across the street, though.  I bet he would have been a lot happier if he had one of my onion rings!

I had no idea their onion rings were so good.  This is a big basket.  Plenty to share.  With chipotle aioli.  Yum.

It was getting a little warm.  So, we decided to go to Bill and Lori’s and stick our feet in the pool.  I woke up wondering why I didn’t remember a whole lot about what we did after Bill and Lori’s.  When I looked at the pictures I took I remembered why I don’t remember.

Tequila Before

Tequila After

Remind me next time to “just say no”.  Overall, a very tasty day!


2 responses to “Photo Blog of Saturday

  1. I just LOVE a good Moscow mule. I had a pretty decent one at Central 214 a few weeks ago. Yum! Looks like you had a nice Saturday!


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