Chicago Dogs

After a little discussion on Facebook we found that our Chicago Dogs are not totally authentic.  I think I can live with that, though, because they were damned good!

Here’s what we have inside…  First, a squiggle of French’s yellow mustard on each side of the toasted bun.  Yes, kids, yellow mustard.  Bright yellow.  Then some dill relish smeared on one side.  We didn’t have the shockingly unnatural green stuff.  I guess I’ll be shopping for that now.  Can you even buy it around here?  Nathan’s dog is nestled in with some sliced tomatoes.  Topped with sliced pepperoncini, some celery salt and grilled onions.  Damn good.

This is a far cry from our regular chili covered, grated cheddar melted under the broiler dog topped with minced onion.  I would say the Chicago dog was just as tasty, only in a different way.

Your go-to dog?


2 responses to “Chicago Dogs

  1. Hey Margie… can’t you just put some green food coloring in your normal dill or sweet relish? Seems to me I saw somne show on Food Network, and that’s all they have going on in that relish to make it neon green…. just a thought. Those dogs look mighty tasty either way though! 🙂


  2. Doiesnt the Chi Dog have the neon green relish and sport peppers? there are a few good places that do the Chi, one of them in shed 2 at the Farmers Market.


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