The Commissary in Photos

It’s really too early to give a full on review of The Commissary, John Tesar’s new spot for burgers and small plates.  I will say my first impression was fabulous!  So, here it is in photos…

We went with the punch bowl of Sangria.  It was plenty for the four of us throughout the meal.  Plus, it’s fun to look at!

We were talking about the fact that they had sweet potato tots and the man next to us at the bar offered us a taste of his.  Were they good?  Hell, yeah.

We started with small plates…

N'Duja - Spreadable Sausage


Deviled Eggs with Caviar



Tempura Battered Sweetbreads


Fried Oysters with Salsa

All of the small plates were tasty.  I really loved the egg with the caviar a lot.
Recognize the man in black at the end of the bar?  Yep, that’s him.
On to the burgers…
Slade had the Tandoori Burger.  Ground lamb, rubbed with tandoori spice served with tzatziki sauce in a grilled pita.
Hubbard had the Tail End.  Braised pig’s tail, ground pork and beef topped with roasted pork belly, green tomato chutney and jalapeno mayo.  I had to have a bite of that.  Fantastic.
Lori’s is The Farmer.  Check out the fried duck egg.  Gotta love that.
 I had the pork belly sliders.  Aren’t they cute?  I could only eat one, though and gladly took the other two home.  Hubbard is the only one who left room for dessert.  Pecan pie…
I can’t wait to go back.  Another bonus is that the kitchen is open late.  Can you say Lobster Bake on Sundays?

5 responses to “The Commissary in Photos

  1. fantastic food, little boisterous. should maybe think about something to keep it where you dont have to yell at your neighbor, ‘is it good?’ other than that, no complaints.


  2. I agree. It was pretty seriously loud in there. Maybe if every single seat wasn’t taken, it might be a little quieter.


  3. It was a mess on Saturday night. They ran out of certain beers on tap, their french fries, and sodas to make mixed drinks…. and it was only 7:30pm at that point.

    Once we were FINALLY served, it got to the point where we had to ask our waiter what they DID have because they ran out of this and that and this. Our food took close to an hour and a half to come (5 of us ordering burgers) and they forgot our mac n cheese and the waitress dropped our onion rings on the floor, gave us the half that did not drop on the floor and then returned with the other half later…

    They need to get their act together, or the lifespan will be short. Great concept, cool place, lots of room for improvement. In the end though, it’s got huge potential to be good. It just wasn’t so on Saturday night…….


  4. our apps came out fairly quickly, but the wait between that and only burgers not beef wellington was an extended period, I would have to agree. but why post anonymously?


  5. Looks amazing. I cannot wait to check it out.


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