The Best Chicken Wings We Ever Made

Hub’s a frying genius.  So, I found this new cookbook.  “SAVEUR The New Comfort Food – Home Cooking from Around the World”.  I love the magazine.  I was excited to see that they had published a new book. 

The recipes have been good, sometimes a little too boring for my taste.  But, who says you can’t spice it up a little or throw in some cheese?  And I must remind myself that a lot of people don’t want spicy when they want comfort.  Subtle flavors are good, too. 

Anyway, Hubbard is a frying genius.  He’s really got it down.  So, I suggested he make the Sweet-and-Spicy Korean Fried Chicken.  This recipe is made with chicken wings.  I love wings.  The technique is different, though.  You make a batter of water, flour and corn starch.  Toss the wings in the batter then fry.  Drain on paper towels.  Here’s what they looked like…

Could they be more golden and crispy?  They’re so perfect.  So, while they sit there doing nothing, you make the sauce.  Throw five or six ingredients in a small food processor or blender and you’re done with that.  Now, or whenever you feel like it, you fry the wings again.  Let them drain a while and then toss them with the sauce.  Of course, I was so eager to take a bite I forgot to take a picture.  Here’s the picture from the book…

Though I didn’t grab my camera, this was one of those cookbook moments.  What he had made actually looked better than the picture in the book.  And it tasted fabulous!  It was the texture that really made it.  That double frying and the corn starch produces then most lovely crunch.  Even covered with sauce these guys stayed crunchy.  So moist and perfectly cooked inside, too.

Forget the Ranch dressing for these wings.  I did think that if we made a teriyaki sauce to toss them in, that might be tasty.  Or maybe a lemon pepper sauce.  Or maybe…

Hubbard took a bite and said, “This recipe is worth the cost of the book”. 

I think he’s right.


One response to “The Best Chicken Wings We Ever Made

  1. High praise! Absolutely delicious, and one of the simplest and best frying batters ever. I would think that it would be good for frying all sorts of things.


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