RedFork for Brunch

Got my first taste of Redfork yesterday!  Yep, Saturday brunch.  I love Saturday brunch because I can’t always have it.  So many places just serve brunch on Sunday.  And since I devoted my Saturday to not accomplishing anything, what better way to start than brunch?

They don’t really have a cheap drink special here.  But, the drinks are pretty special.  How about a White Bloody Mary?  It packs the punch of a regular Bloody Mary, just lacks the tomato.  Notes of celery, jalapeno Tobasco, a bit of citrus.  This is a seriously good drink and terrific for summer…

Sticking with the white theme on this white hot day, our next round was a caraffe of white Sangria.  Again, delicous!  Refreshing.  Light.  Loved it.

The next pleasant surprise was my breakfast.  I ordered Eggs Benedict with a side of bacon.  I liked the addition of spinach to this dish.  Really deepened the flavors.  And the eggs…

Probably the most delicately poached eggs I’ve ever had.  Nothing worse than a hard poached egg.  Well, I guess a lot of things are worse than that.  But, I prefer the jiggly egg, myself.  The country ham was nice and salty.  Potatoes were great.  Overall, excellent breakfast.  

Hubbard got the Hanger Steak and Eggs with handcut fries.  I forget how much I love beef with Bernaise sauce until I taste it again.  Excellent.  Hub said, “They didn’t ask me how I wanted it cooked.  It’s perfect.”  I guess if you know how to prepare a hanger steak you don’t need to ask.  And look at those fries…

Are those some beautiful handcut fries or what?  Served with ketchup and remoulade for dipping.  I couldn’t stop eating that remoulade with those fries.  So tender and then crispy on the outside.

Loved the meal.  The people were friendly.  It’s a very comfortable spot.  Should be a fantastic addition to the neighborhood.  I’m ready to go back for dinner!


2 responses to “RedFork for Brunch

  1. If they have the beef cheek, get it! It’s to die for!


  2. ive got to try this white bloody mary


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