Central Market’s Artisan Mini Loaves

Another great idea from Central Market.  The CM located on Lover’s is surrounded by apartments and very close to SMU.  That means small groups of people.  Roomates, lovers, married couples, singles, throw in a few dogs and cats and you’ve got the basic idea.  Hubbard and I don’t live around the CM.  But, we are a two person group.  We fall into the married couples catagory.  And as much as I love good bread, we have a very hard time finishing a full loaf of bread from CM before it goes south.  Not being chock full of preservatives, CM loaves don’t have a long shelf life.  These mini-loaves are perfect!  I think you have six or seven choices on what type of bread you want.  Mine is Roasted Garlic Cheese Bread.  Good stuff.


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