Hypnotic Donuts at Work

On occasion I have a really good idea.  I’m crazy about Hypnotic Donuts.  I pass the place, just opening up, at 6:30 a.m. on my way to work every day.  And I started thinking how lucky I am that I can just whip in and grab a Canadian Healthcare with no problem at all.

HD HD photos 016

My co-workers live all over the Metroplex.  But, I live down the street from Hypnotic and most of them don’t.  I sent an email to a few people… “I’m going by Hypnotic Donuts on payday.  Do you want anything?  I’ve got to call in the order 24 hours in advance.  So, let me know.”  I included the link to their site.

HD HD photos 019

Only one person didn’t order and he was mad because he was going to be out of the office that day and miss it.  I sent the email to a few more people.  And then a few more.  Around $50 in donuts later, I had my list.  I sent out a confirmation email to everyone that ordered and how much their treats would be.  Before the end of the day everyone had paid up and I called Hypnotic.

HD HD photos 005 (2)

When I showed up at 6:40 to pick up the boxes, I said, “You’re sure everything is there, right?  I’ve got a lot of hungry people all excited about this.”  She assured me they were very good at packing up orders and I wouldn’t be disappointed.  She was right.  Every single piece was exactly perfect.  And delicious!!  All day long people kept coming over to my desk and thanking me.  The next day people were still thanking me!  Why?  Because these are some of the best and most unusual donuts you can get.  And they don’t live down the street from Hypnotic Donuts.  But, I do.  Lucky me!

Increase your popularity at work.  Give it a try.


One response to “Hypnotic Donuts at Work

  1. I still haven’t been to Hypnotic and that makes me sad. It looks incredible!


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