Margie’s Thoughts on Food

Eating is a necessary pleasure and one of the very few things we all have in common.

A few points about this blog:

  • I don’t take pictures at restaurants.  Not yet, anyway.  I love that other people do.  But, I feel like my mother wouldn’t approve.  So, I don’t.  OK.  I broke down and did it.  I bought a small camera and I started taking pictures at restaurants.  But, not all restaurants.  I mean, if my husband is about to give me a pair of pearl earrings at The French Room, I’m not going to tell him to hold on so I can take a picture of my dessert before it melts. 
  • I don’t list a restaurant’s address, phone number, hours, etc.  Guidelive is linked on my site and they have all you could ever want to know on their site, including some great reviews.
  • My reviews of meals are very casual.  I think of this as a place I can put down my thoughts on the restaurants I visit.  But, I do not make it a rule to visit the restaurant six times before I write what I thought about it.  So, take everything I say with a grain of salt.  You’re experience may be totally different and I’d love to hear about it. 

19 responses to “Margie’s Thoughts on Food

  1. You intrigued me with your comment – you don’t take pictures at restaurants. Maybe you would consider pics of the restaurant – not just you at the restaurant (since you felt your Mom wouldn’t approve!).

    You can use your cellphone and have some photos of the restaurant and link to our site that host those photos. Just a thought!

    That’s what we did recently for Lenny’s Sub Shop opening.

    Of course, can you tell, I’m a Philly Cheesesteak fan! It’s the best meal to have at 2 a.m.!


    • Hey Margie,

      We’ve got a restaurant for you where you cannot take photographs! That’s right, Opaque dining in the dark experience is coming to Downtown Dallas for 4 nights leading up to Valentine’s weekend where couples can enjoy their meal in a multi-sensory journey of food and conversation. The dining room is pitch black and guests are served a 4 course meal by legally blind servers! Check us out at when you have a chance. Cheers…and Happy Valentine’s Day


  2. Hi Margie,
    I’m with Where The Locals Eat – we have a question concerning your blog. Can you please email me at your convenience.



  3. HELP! My hubby is about to turn 40, and I’ve invited (secretly) 4 other couples (plus us) to dinner somewhere.

    I’m looking for a cool, not super-loud restaurant that has a round table that seats 10.

    Not cheap, but not super-expensive, and not farther north than LBJ.

    Ideas???? I’m thinking in the same type of category as La Duni, but we’ve done that….

    Thank you!!!! LOVE your blog!


  4. Hattie’s comes to mind. I’ve been to a dinner with eight people there, seated at a round table. Not sure about 10. It would be worth asking, though.

    Does the table have to be round?

    I know they had big round tables at Abacus before the remodel. I haven’t been since then.


  5. I’m glad you like the blog!


  6. WOW! What a wonderful blog! Easy to read, interesting and “spot on.” Somehow we (Single Gourmet DFW) aren’t listed on your Blogroll and I’m eager to find out how to be added. We holding fine dining, cooking classes and special events for single professionals, 30s through 60s.
    I’m a huge foodie and thank you for spending valuable time updating your blog…and look forward to seeing more!


  7. Hello I have a few questions about Dallas eats, can you please contact me? Thanks!


  8. Hi Margie,

    Can’t wait to try Smoke and Dish. They look awesome! I have now bookmarked your site. You may want to check out Charlie’s blog as well.

    Had a blast with you guys this weekend.


  9. great site!


  10. Hello –

    Is there a way to get in touch with you about freelance food writing?


  11. Hi Margie,

    I came across your blog when I was searching for central market coupons and, to my dismay, found they aren’t mailing them anymore. I LOVE food. It’s almost to the point of being an addict. Let me revise – I love GOOD food. I can’t remember the last time I was at McDs, Wendy’s or other fast food joint and that’s fine with me. I realized that I might have a minor obsession when my fella asked me, “Is food ALL you think about?” I replied, “Pretty much. Well, that and my dog.” I blame it on my upbringing in an Italian household where every social occasion is centered on food. Anyway, I’m trying to meet women in the area with the same interest. If you hear of any events that might give me a chance to mingle, please forward. I’ve subscribed to your blog and look forward to tips of where to venture next.


  12. Howdy Margie,
    My husband & I enjoyed meeting you & your husband at the opening of Il Cane Rosso. Thanks also for sharing some of your food!
    I love your blog and your “casual” approach to food. It is how I feel about wine and try to convey on my blog, but I don’t post as often as you 😉
    Take Care,


  13. Hi Margie,

    I saw that you wrote about the farmers market we have in front of the Green Spot – White Rock Local Market… Thanks! I have loved reading your blog – I’ve learned a lot… March 12th is the start of our 2011 season, and we have some great things planned this year. The market is the 2nd and 4th Saturday 8am – 1pm. Come try it again – I hope you like it! Sarah p.s. the bike guy is supposed to return.


  14. I follow you, Amy and Brad’s blogs (all Dallas foodies). Noticed that blog posts have slowed down. Please don’t quit; you do a great job. Saw something today that might interest you:


  15. Margie —

    Passover is just around the corner (most will celebrate the evening of Monday, April 18, with Passover running the 19th – 25th), and for North Texas Jewish families, that means gefilte fish. While younger generations ONLY know the processed product from companies like Manischewitz, older generations remember great gefilte fish (either in balls or loaves) made by their grandmothers. Following a recipe passed down through family, the team at Sea Breeze Fish Market & Grill in Plano is making amazing gefilte fish for Passover this year. In fact, Sea Breeze will be offering samplings of their gefilte fish this weekend – April 7-10 – so that families can place their order to have it ready for their Seder dinner.

    I’d love for you to be able to let your blog readers know, of you could!

    Sea Breeze is located in LakeSide Market in Plano, and can be found on the web at They are an AMAZING resource for seafood, and have so much knowledge about how to buy and prepare fresh seafood (although I prefer to go in and let them do the heavy lifting….)

    Let me know if you need any additional info. I’ve dropped the restaurant address and phone below.


    Kelly Hunter

    Sea Breeze Fish Market & Grill

    LakeSide Market

    4017 Preston Rd #530
    Plano, Texas 75093

    Phone 972.473.2722


  16. Do you take restaurant recommendations? I read your blog, and periodically would like to hear your thoughts about particular restaurants, but don’t know if it would be fitting to suggest them to you. Please let me know. Thanks


  17. Margie:
    We’re looking for more local content at If you’re interested drop me a note.

    Brian Cummings


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