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Whole Foods Lakewood Apple Wood Smoked Bacon

I’m going to go on record and say that the best bacon I’ve purchased in the Dallas area is the Apple Wood Smoked Bacon at Whole Foods in Lakewood.  It’s thick.  It’s delicious.  They told Hubbard that they smoke it in-house.  It tastes like it.  Closest thing to curing your own that I’ve come across.  And I LOVE it!

Hypnotic Donuts at Work

On occasion I have a really good idea.  I’m crazy about Hypnotic Donuts.  I pass the place, just opening up, at 6:30 a.m. on my way to work every day.  And I started thinking how lucky I am that I can just whip in and grab a Canadian Healthcare with no problem at all.

HD HD photos 016

My co-workers live all over the Metroplex.  But, I live down the street from Hypnotic and most of them don’t.  I sent an email to a few people… “I’m going by Hypnotic Donuts on payday.  Do you want anything?  I’ve got to call in the order 24 hours in advance.  So, let me know.”  I included the link to their site.

HD HD photos 019

Only one person didn’t order and he was mad because he was going to be out of the office that day and miss it.  I sent the email to a few more people.  And then a few more.  Around $50 in donuts later, I had my list.  I sent out a confirmation email to everyone that ordered and how much their treats would be.  Before the end of the day everyone had paid up and I called Hypnotic.

HD HD photos 005 (2)

When I showed up at 6:40 to pick up the boxes, I said, “You’re sure everything is there, right?  I’ve got a lot of hungry people all excited about this.”  She assured me they were very good at packing up orders and I wouldn’t be disappointed.  She was right.  Every single piece was exactly perfect.  And delicious!!  All day long people kept coming over to my desk and thanking me.  The next day people were still thanking me!  Why?  Because these are some of the best and most unusual donuts you can get.  And they don’t live down the street from Hypnotic Donuts.  But, I do.  Lucky me!

Increase your popularity at work.  Give it a try.

Shots of Artizone Products

So, here’s what it looks like when you get your groceries…

There are little frozen cold packs in with the perishables.  They’re re-usable, too.

Fish and ginger miso sauce from Rex’s Seafood.  Cupcakes from LaDuni.  Grilling sauce from Flavor’s from Afar.  Let’s do a little close up of those cupcakes.  (Which are fabulously delicious, by the way!)

Beautiful mushrooms and salad greens from FM1410, Tom Spicer’s place.  Banana peppers from Larken Farms.  Scardello’s cheese and charcuterie. 

 Steaks from Hirsch Meats.  Steaks are for dinner today.  Looking good!

Here’s my first recipe with an Artizone product…

1888 Dirtiest Martini Dip with Bleu Cheese
1 12-oz whipped cream cheese
1 cup mayo
1 cup sour cream
pinch cayenne
3/4-1 cup 1888 Dirtiest Martini Mix
1 1/2 cup chopped olives
3/4 lb blue cheese crumbles
2 tablespoons softened butter

Mix ingredient together and refrigerate.  (got the recipe at Central Market)

Or don’t refrigerate for an hour!  I didn’t and it was delicious.  I basically cut the recipe in half.  Very tasty!  Next, I’m going to make myself a Bloody Mary and splash in a bit of the 1888.  Can’t wait for that.  That’ll hold me over while Hub fires up the grill.

One more thing.  Their customer service is more than outstanding!  You can put a little note on your order if you have a question someone will call you right away.  I got a follow-up call to be sure I was satisfied.  Their people are well spoken and intelligent.  They make you feel like they actually care about your satisfaction.  I can’t recommend these people enough.  And no, I’m not getting any breaks or discounts because I’ve written about Artizone.  This is totally my choice.

Happy 4th of July everyone!!!

Cedars Social



Pigs Ear

pork belly



I can’t wait to go back!!

Ali Baba’s Lunch Buffet

Dude!  These people have laid out some food!

Hub and I were trying to go to Matt’s in Lakewood on Labor Day.  No dice.  No labor, I should say.  They were closed.  Everything seemed to be closed.  Then I remembered Ali Baba.  Open!  We walk in and the host tells us it’s only buff-ett.  No regular menu.  Just buff-ett.  I hesitated.  I’m not much of a buff-ett kind of person.  Hubbard generally hates them.  We could start driving or eat from the buffet.  We gave in and grabbed a plate.  Hey, it had just turned 11:00.  At least it was a fresh buffet. 

It appears that they have practically everything on the menu set up on at the two tables.  I decided to look on the bright side.  Here was my chance to try some of those dishes I didn’t know so well AND many of the ones that I already love.  I had some hummos, babaganoush and garlic sauce with fresh pita.  I had mixed vegetables, mousaka, rice pilaf, pan fried califlower, beef kabob, shish tawook and gyro meat.  I had thyme pie and what tasted like a ground chickpea soup.  Pickles.  Onion salad.  I was stuffed!  And there was so much more that I didn’t even try.  They had dolmas, coriander potatoes, tabouli, Greek salad, fattoush salad, falafel, kibbi, lentil soup, chicken curry and golden chicken.  Golden chicken is their version of rotisserie chicken.  It is by far the best rotisserie prepared chicken I have ever eaten.  I’ve been eating that chicken for about 20 years now. 

All of this for $10.95.  If you are a big eater and you like Mediterranean food, this is for you.  Even if you’re not a big eater.  Go.  So many vegetarian options.  The food is just real.  And real food is a good thing.

Idle Rich Pub for Brunch

We’ve kind of gotten hooked on this place for brunch.  I love their mussels.  But, the eggs benedict is pretty damn good, too.  The hash browns have a nice little crunch to them.  And you can’t beat the $3 Bloody Mary!

Smart Water

I know this isn’t exactly food.  But, I’m crazy about this stuff!

Not the Heavyweight Red, as you might suspect.  The Glaceau Smart Water.  I just love it.  For years I’ve been a Gatorade girl.  Sometimes a good dose of electrolytes and fluid is the only way I’m going to get moving and feel good.  Let’s face it, after a day at the pool, a dinner with wine parings, $3 martini night at Bonnie Ruth’s…  a girl might get a little dehydrated. 

This is so much better than Gatorade.  This is water.  The best tasting bottled water I’ve ever tried.  Plus, you get a bump of electrolytes.  And because it’s not full of high fructose corn syrup and whatever else is in Gatorade, you can feel good about drinking as much as you want.  I keep it at the house all the time now.  Our tap water doesn’t taste that great.  This is the perfect “wake up in the middle of the night” drink. 

A 50.7 ounce bottle at Central Market is less than $2.  Cheaper than Gatorade, too.  I think I might have to start buying it by the case.  It’s that good.