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Can my husband grill some good looking chicken wings or what?

Can my husband grill some good looking chicken wings or what?

Basil Oil

I’m so proud of me.  For once, I didn’t wait for a hard freeze to go out and find my basil plant was history.  Last weekend, I cut back most of the plant and came away with a couple of cups of packed leaves.  These took a spin in the food processor and then were added to a cup of canola oil.  I didn’t want the strong flavor of olive oil.  Something neutral was what I needed, a good background for basil oil. 

I heated the oil and leaves until little bubbles popped around the edges of the pot.  Then took it off to cool.  I let it sit at least a couple of hours.  Then the oil was poured twice through a fine mesh strainer lined with cheese cloth.  Isn’t that pretty?

This yumminess is sitting in the fridge right now in one of the cute caraffes that my friend, Tony, gave to me for my birthday.  So far, I’ve drizzled it on pizza and garlic bread.  The basil lives on!